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  1. the diaz brothers do not speak spanish. Im not sure if diego sanchez does , but i ve never seen him doing a spanish interview. In any case , I would love to see diego sanchez and nick diaz as coaches for the welterweight division ( even tough they dont speak spanish) Now , if spanish was a must then and they need two coaches from the same division , i wouldnt mind seeing ivan menjivar an gilbert melendez , although gilbert's spanish is pretty rough
  2. response would be the same. People like or dislike jones because of he fights , not because of his skin colour. Race dont really matter i think. Maybe country , I dont see people supporting an english ,french or asian fighter as much.
  3. Anderson walks around 200-210 , more likely closer to 205 thus he has no problem making 185, as a matter of fact he took the bonnar fight in short notice and still came below 205. If anything anderson does not keep in shape all the time like GSP does, if he trained the way GSP trains all the time anderson would not be over 200 pounds While GSP is ALWAYS trainning like he was going to fight the next day , therefore he always keeps himself in good shape , and he weights around 185-190 in good shape Therefore Anderson in good shape - 200 GSP in good shape - 190 Jon Jones in good shape - 220 I say GSP is a lot closer to silva than jones. It is stupid to say anderson walks around 225 because that is his weight after being off for a while and injured. Im sure gsp would weight over 200 pounds if that was the case and jones probably close to 235 or 240 the guy is bigger than JDS and MIR
  4. since when is munoz a top fighter hahaha I think vitor is a lot more dangerous than munoz . Weidman needs a credible win against a top name . Bisping , vitor , chael sonnen , even franklin before he gets a shot.
  5. he said a man , not a god , so sexy is out of the pic to play bond I personally think bisping fits the role , specially cuz he is from england.
  6. UFC 1 to UFC 5 then I skipped till UFC 40 or so , maybe a ramdon fights here and there. After that I pretty much watched most of the events except for a few ones.
  7. who cares. He is an exciting fighter but he is not going to be a title contender at any weightclass.
  8. sure **** , because it is so easy to fight with your hands down.... Seriously there are tons of idiots in this forum , you being one for sure
  9. holyyyy ****tttt no way man !! i cant believe what i just saw!!
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