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  1. Shed1

    Poll: Worst ref in UFC

    At times the refereeing in the UFC has been pretty poor. Dan Miragliotta takes the cake for me. He is the pits. What does everyone else think?
  2. now that Strikeforce is on CBS I think UFC needs to get on NBC or ABC in order to maintain their market share dominance. Spike t.v. just isn't going to do the trick. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Can someone add a poll to this thread so everyone can vote for the least favorite fighter and we can compare results?
  4. How can Dana say that Strikeforce signing Herschel Walker is disgusting and that they will need to find someone in a wheelchair to fight him just because of his age? Is Dana forgetting that his former UFC champion, Tim Sylvia, got the bag beat out of him by Ray Mercer(in 9 seconds) and he is even older that Herschel Walker? Herschel Walker has been in martial arts for a number of years and is a complete animal. This guys daily workout consists of 2500 sit ups and 1500 push ups. That would take Dana weeks to do. I'm not saying that Herschel Walker is going to give Fedor a run for his money after a few fights but for Dana to start bashing him before he even sets foot in a cage is foolish.
  5. Having Lesnar throw around Mir like Raggedy Ann isn't fun to watch. The difference from light heavyweight to heavyweight is way too big. I also think that the heavyweight should be unlimited. I know people don't want to see huge fat blobs out there but you wouldn't unless they were good enough to beat Lesnar and the other top heavyweights. I wouldn't mind watching someone who weighs 285 lbs. throwing hands with Lesnar. What do people think?
  6. It's not even close. Mercer vs. Sylvia. The only punch thrown the entire fight was a knockout
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