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  1. claycavemanguida

    uk event

    hello folks havent been on here in quite a while.just thought i drop my opinion on the next event in the uk.what a load of ****.why do we always get a terrible card??im starting to feel that dana and THE MATCH MAKER are taking the piss when it comes to putting on a show in the uk.i have been a avid fan of the ufc for many years and these cards in my own country just have very little appeal. whats your opinion. regards adrian
  2. roger is awesome and he should be back in the ufc.
  3. i hope he knocks chael out and then does a diego 'YES' cartwheel around him.
  4. i think chaels bum is starting to knip.
  5. this really is pathetic.when will dana and the matchmakers realise that just because the event is in britain doesnt mean we all want to see the brits fight.this has really p i s sed me off.
  6. cant seem to find it on my sky planner.anyone have any info?? thanks guys.
  7. it might not be related now but you still had to make a prick out of youself.congratulations +5
  8. cheers for that pal.. im a bit dissapointed tho.
  9. either way i still hope this fight happens or we will never know.same as pacman vs maywether.
  10. any news on when or who he will be fighting.??? its been a while since gray maynard humped his win out of him.
  11. mmm interesting thought. who do you think is stronger???
  12. when is he gonna retire???
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