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  1. He'll be back, once he's 60 and dropped enough weight he'll be the 170lbs Champ
  2. ...but is he really as much of a threat as people make him out to be? I do think he will be Cain's biggest test for sure and its no doubt that JDS has good power in his hands. That being said does he have as much KO power as his fans give him credit for? Lets leave Bi Country out of this because the dude definitely has a good chin, but lets go back to JDS's octagon debut. Yes, he stopped Werdum, but Werdum went straight into the shot allowing more damaged to be caused and lets be honest here, Werdum's standup has never been his strong suit. Next up is Stefan Struve, who at the time was a bright up and comer. He was TKO'd, but Struve, as with Werdum, isn't the best striker around and has wilted before to stikes (whether he wins or loses, see his fight with Buentello and Nelson, even Stojnic). His next fight was against Cro Cop, who although I HATE to admit it, can't take a hit nearly as well as he could in Pride. JDS won by verbal submission, very impressive performance, but he couldn't KO Cro Cop, which according to what JDS's fans have been saying about his power, should have been easy. His next 2 fights were very similar, both were against guys with better striking, finished both in the first round against Gonzaga and Gilbert Yvel haven't been looking the best lately, especially after their most recent losses against TUF alums Schaub and Madsen, who were part of the least impressive season of the Ultimate fighter. It's no doubt that Cigano has power and is one of the best heavyweights in the UFC, but I don't know if I'm completely sold on the level of danger his hands bring
  3. I think they'll probably put him up against Rothwell. Rothwell is coming off a win and "moving up the ladder" while Carwin just lost a title shot and needs to work his way back up
  4. Cain is used to wrestling guys weighing 285+ The weight limit in college is 285 and some guys do cut down to make weight. I agree that his advantage is on the feet and I don't think he'll get knocked out standing by Lesnar because all Lensar hasn't knocked anyone out cold and most of his power is on the ground.
  5. I personally think that pro fighters who specialize in one area suchs as boxers would have a huge advantage over an MMA fighter in their particular sport. Like I've said before, GSP is considered to have some of the best wrestling in the sport, but I disagree whole heartedly. he has the best timing, he makes people thing he's going high and shoots instead catching them off-guard. Example: GSP vs KOS 1, if it was a wrestling match GSP would have had no chance, but because its MMA you have to worry about so much more so its easier to get the takedown. I think its true with any sport so most mma fighters would probably be b-level fighters in other sports with their current skill set, the same being true for pro fighters in other sports coming into MMA with their current skill set.
  6. Wrestled a little with Cain Velasquez, he's about 6 or 7 years older than me though, so it was obviously during practice, also went to a few tournaments with him. Also wrestled with/under Chance Farrar, who fought in the WEC for a little bit but kinda flamed out after his loss to Urijah Faber
  7. Don't know if any of you read the article on here before the Abu Dhabi fight (before Belfort pulled out) but I'm pretty sure the article said that if either champion (BJ or Anderson) lost their belt that night they would recieve an immediate rematch because this was an outdoor event and the weather conditions could have an effect on the outcome of the fight.
  8. This is why he is the most loved MMA fighter in the world! I had the pleasure of meeting him when my store had him do an autograph signing. We didn't let people take pics with their personal cameras becasue of time constraints but thw owner brought his professional camera and provided fan pics for free on our website for everyone that wanted a picture taken with Wandy
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