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  1. I'm gonna disagree... http://mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/topten.asp?articleid=13&zoneid=15 If you check out this top ten list... Only 4 out of the top 10 are wrestlers; not even half...
  2. Usually these trolling noob threads are annoying, but the responses were pretty entertaining.
  3. Also I just thought I'd add: Sonnen has 24 wins, 14 of which were decisions... and ALL EIGHT of his wins in the UFC/WEC have been decisions If he does win against Anderson, it will be a boring wrestling match decision, because that is his only chance of possibly winning; and it will be his only chance of retaining his title if he does win. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE wrestlers that put on a show, Cain V. is one of my favorites, but the fact is you can make any fight style boring, I've seen plenty of boring BJJ matches, and plenty more boring boxing matches, and the fact is Sonnen is a boring fighter who has none of the credentials to back up all of his talk. He definitely earned his title shot, but he has not earned the respect to be able to talk trash the way he does.
  4. He actually said he has beat every champion but one haha, HE HAS NEVER BEAT ANY CHAMPION. lol Except the WEC middlewieght champ, but it wasn't even a title fight, how can someone that has literally NEVER held a championship title, say he has beaten every champion but Anderson, I can't wait to see him carried away on a stretcher
  5. Dana said Leben And Wandy wont be happening. Wandy could be out for a whole year, he had broken ribs but he also blew out his knee and hurt his wrist I believe. Dana said he wants to keep Leben busy, and not have him sit around for a whole year waiting on Wanderlei, which sucks because I would have loved to see that fight.
  6. um lol? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shane_Carwin look at his record He has 8 out of 12 wins ending with stoppages from strikes, all in the first round. I'm not saying he will win for sure, I'm just saying it's stupid to question his power lol.
  7. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE but you probably know about him and blue scholars.. you might like them
  8. He fights safe for good reason though... he has a his belt on the line obv. but he also has Gatorade and under armor and possible Olympic competition riding on his victories if he loses he most likely loses all of that edit: not saying i always love watching him, just saying i understand why
  9. first you said he is too skinny, meaning he should go down, then you said he should go up? he is 6'4" with an 84.5" reach he has a height and reach advantage on most of the division... and I think he cuts a healthy amount of weight. He doesn't need weight to beat people standing up, and he has strength and grade A greco roman for the ground now im not on any kind of band wagon, i dont see he being a champion super soon, it is possible but he has alot of competition i just respectfully disagree with everything you said.
  10. I agree with lil nog or forrest id like to see any of them but machida is the least
  11. I would like to see Rampage vs Lil Nog I know most likely we'll see Lil Nog against Forrest now, and Rampage vs Machida but with a questionable performance from Lil Nog and a slow performance for Rampage, I think a fight between these two would be awesome, they both will go for it, wouldn't be boring, and I know Nog's jiu jitsu is legendary, but we saw it some what get neutralized by Brilz, so maybe, just maybe, we would see how he would stack up against Rampage's wrestling. I wouldn't know who I would even be rooting for, I love both of those dudes.
  12. AngeloXenakis

    Hands Tougher

    There are grips you can buy, at academy, or at guitar stores, because the ones to make guitarist hands stronger are exactly the same as the ones to make boxers/mma fighters hands stronger. Or if you happen to have a bucket of rice, my trainer told me you can stick an open hand in the rice, and close it and sift through it, but I have never had a bucket or enough rice to fill one haha, so I would just go with dropping $10 or a hand grip
  13. Lol Prettyface40 just made his account and has been posting the most bold statements haha I'm just enjoying watching.
  14. JDS is one of my favorites, and if he gets laid on by Big Country and can't do anything about it, I might cry. lol.
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