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  1. so when reading a thread thats got more than 1 page.. where is the link to get to the next page? you would think it would be in the most convenient place, ie. at the bottom. but no, you have to scroll right back up again ! what a joke
  2. buffer

    Two words...

    2 more words. your stupid
  3. No. It would be close. Silva has been fed 1 dimensional LHW's forest & bonnar, and got manhandled by sonnen. GSP> all 3 of those dudes. It not be as 1 sided as you think.
  4. yeah everyone just assume Silva would win. We just saw GSP beat the crap outta the 2nd best WW. think about it. GSP is no pushover , i hope Dana makes it happen
  5. Anderson Silva was ringside, GSP had the chance to call him out. When Joe asked him whether he would fight anderson, he should have said "yes, lets do it" ..can you imagine the reaction, the buzz, the excitement. but just like a lot of his fights, GSP frustrates the fans yet again. what happened to the "i want to fight the best guys in the world" mentality? GSP is a fool. A dam good fighter but a fool. discuss.
  6. Its hard to choose just one. JDS v Jones Jones v Silva Silva v GSP A few rematches i'd like to see. Silva v Belfort II JDS v Velasquez II Bisping v Henderson II
  7. buffer


    from certain camera angles, when you see him from the back, ppl could have mistaken jones for kongo towering above vitor. jones should go up to HW
  8. when jones crawled across and vitor tried to kick his head off haha:D
  9. fell asleep. they should make the octogon smaller for the midgets
  10. The only time Jones needs to start looking at other organisations is if he loses the belt & loses a few fights after. Considering Jones history, and the seemingly poor relationship between him & Dana, Dana could cut him at the 1st possible chance once his "invincibility" is no longer a massive selling point & he starts to slide down the rankings. This might not happen for a long time though. I guess we'll see over the next few years. Even if he loses at LHW, he could go upto HW. Jones is secure in the UFC for now so theres no point looking at different orgs.
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