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  1. Anybody seen it??? Is it as good as the first one??
  2. what's up everybody!!!!!!! Guess who's back!!!!!!
  3. Nah' date=' I'm never on anyway. Nope.
  4. No idea. I'm a quarter German. Wranglers.
  5. White Kinda aggrivating. But oh well. Watch. Yeup. Killed 3 this year. Got no idea.
  6. Hard to say. They're all good. I think it has something to do with the molecular make up of the steel and the food particles. Holy crap I just sounded really smart. Go me. No idea. But if it happens I'll let you know. No idea. I think they dream in blurs but they know what it is.
  7. To take food spots off easily. Breaking Benjamin' date=' Three Days Grace, and Nickelback all in one show.[/b'] At my house for now. Had to make a few runs for the past couple days.
  8. Burritos. Sorry haven't been on in a while. Got a new job. I'm in the transport business now. And I'm a cook at a resturaunt.
  9. Where I live, Ross has Tapout and One More Round. And TJ Maxx has Afflitcion, and Hittman. I'd check there.
  10. TapouT, Extreme Coture, One More Round, Affliction, Eko, Nogi, Hittman. As soon as you get some OMR shirts in let me know. I need some new ones.
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