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  1. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Veritas i think did an expose on how those news rooms work. The producers on down from the executives are pushing for dirt constantly on a level that's even worse than some of the activist journalist have in mind. I've heard a lot of them have taken notice and want to leave but the pay is decent, they want the career & they fear reprisals so some of them feel trapped. You're 100% right about them hiring people that are leftists activist. I was probably just trying to be nice and give her the benefit of the doubt.
  2. StompGrind

    Corona Virus Thread

    If he does he should sparta kick them. ?
  3. StompGrind

    Corona Virus Thread

    That also quarantined in true CCP style. Likely killed/left for dead as many as 21 million people who's cell phone signals went poof Arrested whistle blowing medical & probably killed a bunch of HK activist they had identified as such. They locked people welded shut in theirs homes They put tape on home exits & tracked people with wrist monitors, cells & drones & made arrest if they kept disobeying going out. Then they stopped reporting after they kicked media out. There's also reports of people are getting re-infected since opening up a little more. I read a report of a recent study in Europe i think that claims some people that recovered where still shedding. < Man i hope that's not true or very rare.
  4. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    A lot of those fit into Borderline personality disorder which is probably the main one hardcore TDS'ers show signs of. Also all the people that think they can't learn anything from stuff like that are probably high in their narcissism trait lol. BTW if you're interested in Psychology this woman is brilliant.
  5. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    He's actually fairly nice to her when she ask decent questions. Unfortunately 4-5 of her questions are race baiting nonsense and or gotcha type questions at which point he berates & mocks her. I don't even think she necessarily wants to ask half those kinda questions but when you work for any of these news agencies you do what the boss tells you which is stir $hit & be negative as much as possible hoping for a reaction. Sometimes i wish he wouldn't take the bait but other times i'm glad he stand up to them and calls them on it.
  6. StompGrind

    Corona Virus Thread

    I binged the whole series yesterday. HOLY $hit what a crazy story lol
  7. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Lol GOAT out clevering.
  8. StompGrind

    Corona Virus Thread

    Those reflexes & head movement though... lol better than half the UFC.
  9. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    There are doctors taking it in NYC to limit their chances. It's a known anti-viral with positive effects against several viruses. Evidently it works pretty well against covid but there are risk factors for some people and it needs to be monitored & dosed correctly. Numerous cases across the globe have reported it working in South Korea, France & even a few over here. TUF read a MSNBC TDS article from some bleeding heart liberal that has a BA in journalism & lesbian dance theory. ???
  10. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Accurate lol ^^
  11. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Lol. If all i had stocked up was Vegemite and toilet paper i'd flush the Vegemite and eat the toilet paper. Me when i tried it one time. I think you have to grow up on it to like it.
  12. StompGrind

    Politics thread

  13. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Lol in all srsness though... They're not the same thing despite the similar name so the idiots that think it is that's really on them & frankly i'm ok with them being out of the gene pool. Sooner the better in fact. It's not alcohol or companies that make alcohol, nor commercials that promote it that are at fault for Jon Jones getting DUI's on the daily. That's totally on his dumba$$$ lol
  14. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Bold is just not true. On supply shortage there are pros and cons to everything we do. That's how things are. There's almost no such thing in this universe that works as a net gain. Simply put if you're making gainz somewhere you're taking away from some place else. Banning it from online stores etc. but not in hospitals. Not yet until we know more.
  15. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    There's been a number of people that were in bad shape and it helped them. The numbers are anecdotal at this point though. To say it's proven BS is completely false fake news. We just don't know that yet. They are in clinical trials right now to determine if it's safe & effective to be tried in larger numbers. You're likely correct that those expecting it to be a full cure all for Covid are kidding themselves but it could be a game changer among other treatments to lessen severity of Covid with some risk to certain people with underlying conditions. We probably won't know that for at least a couple weeks maybe even months but states should not be trying to ban this until we have more evidence & only doctors should prescribe it and allow their patients the right to choose knowing all the risk.