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  1. I agree both Reuters & AP are more center left than the extremes of hard right Fox or hard left CNN etc. but they're all biased as are all human beings and publications. Don't kid yourself. I don't watch/read Fox or MSN anymore btw. I was never that into them to begin with. I personally like The Hill but even they have their own brand of bias. Al Jazeera is surprisingly much less biased than Fox or MSN but they still have their slant too. Adjust your trust/skeptic level accordingly for ALL of them is all I'm saying because they all have a slant even the ones that appear more centrist.
  2. Lol yeah i got one of those today trying to log in.
  3. Nonpartisan source? Lol there is no such thing. Seriously about 95% of what you can find just about anywhere is slanted bias. May even be higher than that. We all see the same $hit.... the source doesn't even matter anymore. The only difference is depending on source it's fed through the bias machine and a partisan turd take comes out and people parrot that.
  4. Never heard of him but i'll look into it. Lol my back is still sore from that band workout. Mainly in my shoulders. Couldn't properly lift my arms straight up i was so sore. Had to do some mobility stuff earlier and went for a walk. Old man=DOMS is 4 real. I probably should start taking creatine again because i noticed when i was on it i was like wolverine. Then again i was in my 20's also. Actually weighed in today at a pretty lean 194 lbs today i definitely lost some fat & put on muscle in the last 3 weeks. Starting to get that muscular shape back. ^^ Not sure i qualify as a man on the Roids scale of manliness yet🤣
  5. Updated my profile AV. Could someone send this to James Woods on twitter?
  6. So 11 people got shot in Philly? @I_Take_Roids_m8 Where were u on the night in question m8? 🤣
  7. Best presentation on room clearing I've seen. Concept of slicing, & corner fed, center fed rooms, heavy side/light side are awesome tactical concepts. Some of the best videos i've seen on the topic of clearing especially solo.
  8. Doesn't have to be. Depends on the person & response imo. I've always been curious about ways people think & I'll joke n play for lulz but much like yourself i really don't wanna spend any time with back n forth nonsense anymore.
  9. Not your typical workout but i walked my usual 10 miles. 5 warm-up + 5 cool down & did 300 resistance band pulls with one of these. I looped it around a swing set pole at different heights and did 6 sets of various different pulls. From high overhead & seated position: - 50 High pulls i.e. pulling the band back to my collar bone really focusing on traps & rear delts - 50 mid pulls to my sternum focus on scapula & upper lats - 50 low pulls to my navel focus on lower lats & lumbar spine From standing & leaning away slightly for extra tension: - 50 each side; Left & right sideways bladed stance pulls ( like a tennis twist but activating my lats all down to my obliques in a side crunch more than a twist for core ) - 50 Squared stance alternating pulls Sat morning i smeshed 300 reps of kettlebell swings/stiff leg deadlift & squats plus 100 dips with 10 miles of walking. Took off Sunday to recover. Monday i just walked 15 miles.
  10. The red is an outline of the coast & lake Pontchartrain dumb dumb. 🤣
  11. I didn't know that. 2005 was a blur for me since Katrina rekt us. I don't remember them breaking out greek names n $hit but i guess they did. Says 27 in 2005 & 25 so far in 2020 Good luck m8. It's your turn to carry the boat.
  12. Dat Yeezy JRE podcast doe 🔥LMFAO! "So it's hard to hurt that much....ever again & it created almost like a character.....like deadpool.....I'm like deadpool for god" - Kanye West Even though i'm not religious he has no idea how relatable that was to me.
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