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  1. I'm down for this at my funeral after the 2nd line band. 🤣 Because I'm a savage, I'm nasty and my humor against societal norms is built different.
  2. I wouldn't be mad if this was the new national anthem because it's one of my favs! 🤣
  3. She has before but recently I'm not sure. She was one of the athletes affected by that POS Larry Nassar. Don't know if you've had any experience knowing someone that went through that but that kind of abuse doesn't just go away. I've known a few and It sticks with them for life.
  4. Her name is Biles not Byles lol. Personally good for her quitting if her head isn't in the right space & maybe she wanted to make a statement about how that BS program protected a fkn PoS molester for yrs. Unrelated but USA basketball team. Losing to France ffs lol
  5. I hate what aboutism but really? I guess this doesn't apply to Amazon, Google etc. No wonder everyone & their mama moving to Texas.
  6. Strike BTC down and it shall become more powerful than the FED could possibly imagine. 🤣
  7. It was 29.7K a week ago hit 40.1K briefly mon & now it's at 39.7K OMG 300-400 dollar exit pump lol
  8. https://www.coinspeaker.com/winklevoss-amazon-bitcoin-cryptos/ Imagine if Tesla comes out with mining rig "heaters" & Jack Dorsey is meanwhile making hardware wallets & you got Cathie Woods with crypto ETF's.
  9. I believe they posted that job listing. I haven't checked to confirm it. They may consider using Flexa pay just like Shopify which is a big deal for all crypto especially AMP & even dog money. < They lead others follow. Also a lot of the crypto exchange credit cards are already partnered with Visa. Stage is being set to roll out mass adoption. We're still early AF homie.
  10. Gotta say today was a good day.
  11. Can't cash out of stonks if you don't have any stonks.
  12. I don't think it was a repo but the owners from my understanding passed away so it sat there for over a year & was probably neglected by whom ever inherited it because i never saw anyone living there since they passed then suddenly saw a big sign on it that said for sale by owner 90k lol.
  13. I'm not shilling it to anyone. I was literally joking to Roids. Did you not see the "bitcoin fixes this" with a 🤣 You are retarded if you think it's deflating long term. Yes it's volatile always has been but it's performed YoY on average about 200 ish % for over a decade. That's not suddenly going to change it's programmed in to appreciate in value. When it reaches 200-300K much of that volatility will stabilize. Meanwhile the dollar continues to be deflationary losing it's value year over year since 1913 & really fell off when we abandoned the gold standard.
  14. It's still up about 220% YTD bro. It was literally 9157 this date last year.
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