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  1. Surprised it's not WWG1WGA.com or PatriotsRNControl.com or Guccifer 4.0 🤣
  2. The arrogant a-hole side is still there. Just because it seems dormant right now doesn't mean it's not there. I don't think he's changed that much other than being a little more mature now & he's being very strategic for the fight & to reinvent his own image. Agree with Bubba that Mystic Mac was the best version entertainment wise. Dustin is probably gonna lose BTW.
  3. Everyone talks about how terrible Trump is but IDK man to me it doesn't get much better than Trump
  4. Nah don't get me wrong we need to harness everything we can & infrastructure can be built upon but we can't sit & wait anymore with the same old approach that will degrade & be outpaced by over population & increasing consumption plus inflation rising plus who knows what other disaster, virus, war etc.. I trust Emperor Elon more than i do these fkn robber baron crooks & politicians that will bleed us dry on cost & tax us to death. At least he's trying to get the ball rolling on lowering cost to joe/jane consumer in various projects so we aren't so damned dependent & getting less for more as the years go by.
  5. In ten yrs from now @I_Take_Roids_m8Roids gonna be right about working just to pay for dat gas guzzler. 🤣
  6. Fair enough on self driving. Self driving does seem to be the theme with EV's a lot more though. Prius was a hunk of $hit back then & had practically no backing investment wise or innovation wise for a long time but we're well on our way in the last few yrs with EV's mainly led by Elon almost single handedly. From where we were then and now is not even comparable. Ya'll acting like this is Jetsons tech that will never come but i'm just saying it's more like car phones to smart phones. The momentum is there for wide adoption. It's reached that crescendo point where it's gonna trickle down to masses. Wait till that carbon tax gets hits harder & cost of gas/oil is more competitive. People gonna be switching over like crazy. Pocket books are a great motivator for change.
  7. Affordability is going to scale in the next few yrs the price will be highly competitive if not cheaper. Safety wise self driving cars are already proven to be much safer. The range is not that huge of an issue as most people don't travel over 250 miles a day and the tech for longer range & faster charging is progressing & will get there soon enough. It absolutely has moved towards advancing & there is huge momentum right now. Things can change like i said & no guarantees but i just think it's gonna move faster & be more widely adopted than people think. It may be novelty now but not for long IMO.
  8. If the tech keeps advancing & legislation comes to move things along faster it wouldn't shock me if it's double that. Eventually owning as gas powered car past 2030 will be like owning a beeper now lol.
  9. It will IMO much like Weed legalization but even quicker. The range issue is a few yrs away if that. Combined better batteries + solar panels to help charge & charging stations all over it's game over. Once the scaling & cost come down for wide adoption non-EV doesn't even make sense anymore other than nostalgia.
  10. It may take longer no guarantees & things can change or slow to a crawl but the way things are moving now i think the transition happens faster than people think. All of these disruptive technologies barring crazy things don't happen ( which some will ) is going to change the world as we know it very rapidly much like the internet did. If the US widely adopts legislation as California already has it will happen even sooner & honestly it doesn't make much sense to put a lot more effort into a sinking ship. EV market is already the clear winner once scaled widely the affordability, performance & safety wins hands down. Batteries + solar It's just no brainer for cars. That Keystone pipeline isn't that big a deal & won't effect much at all.
  11. I need to correct what i said. I'm not saying it will be all EV's on the road by then but if you think what Cali is trying to do doesn't happen wide scale by 2030 i think that's a mistake to think that. By 2030 car manufacturers may not even be allowed to produce anything but EV's anymore. 2030 is still a long ways away & plenty of rapid innovation will change things very quickly at the pace we're moving. I don't agree it's ambitious....at all. Cali is wrong about a lot of stuff but they're ahead of the curve on that. EV's already won they are way more efficient & the price/performance/safety isn't even comparable. If you're betting on oil/gas cars past 2030 you are betting on the losing horse. Just a matter of time before they take over.
  12. US is becoming much more energy independent since 2019. We're still gonna drill here & buy from other countries but as EV's become more available and cheaper we won't need as much.. That little pipeline was a fart in the wind in the grand scheme of things. They also just discovered a huge gas reserve. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/feds-discover-largest-oil-natural-gas-reserve-in-history/ EV's are 100% the future like it or not. By 2030 it will probably be only EV's over here & a lot of other places so you better get used to it & convert or be left behind..
  13. Saw that headline like 2 days ago... First thought was... Sucks for oil & gas but.....
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