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  1. I just wanna see him get stretched because he always talks mad $hit about fighters & doesn't know the first thing about fighting.
  2. He has boxing foot i notice. aka his toes pointed in. If you look at the way Bas Rutten kicks he side steps out & points his toes outward past centerline then mule kicks way to the other side well past centerline. That's where all the power comes since it loads your hips you don't even need to pivot on the toes much you just need to step out 45 degrees toes pointing outward then just slam the door past centerline. If you put a heavy bag in front of Rob he's kicking at the centerline of the bag so the power stops there. Bas steps out toes pointed outward so that when he kicks his hips are open & the angle of stepping out means he's going through to the other side & not stopping at centerline. Rob's is more like a karate roundhouse. It's snappy & stops at centerline. Bas is pure power & more like a swinging door. Doesn't matter what it lands on it's smashing right through it.
  3. I'm not really sure & i hope not but this kinda $hit might be the new paradigm shift now lol Surprised they didn't have Instagram butt models doing squats in between rds & onlyfans chicks swinging on poles. I'm not gonna lie the trashiness & cringe try hardness of popular culture i do find somewhat amusing if nothing else.
  4. This one? Perfect setup herding him into the kick with the hook but his kick could have been executed better. I don't like the way Rob's high roundhouse has such a diagonally upward trajectory like a shovel hook almost. He doesn't really turn in over proper but maybe he's not flexible enough in his hips. His Round kick needs to come more diagonally across like a tight hook for full power going more horizontal past the target instead of so diagonally upward which often glances off target. The idea being that you want the kick to smash THROUGH a brick wall on the other side of the target instead of merely clipping & scalping the target. The upside of kicking like that though is upward path strikes tend to be harder to read if you set them up, time it well & the opponent is standing very upright with a tight guard they're harder to see & react to faster. It's much easier to see hook & overhand trajectories coming. Straights, vertical & diagonally upward if you don't telegraph, u set them up right & time correct our eyes don't detect them easily.
  5. If we're doing these celeb/old fights now I wanna see Snoop get his @ss kicked by Mark Walberg.
  6. Imagine getting scared because of a crash to numbers we saw like a week or two ago. Queef!
  7. Something like a million accounts got liquidated lol. Threef!
  8. BTC may go lower short term but this is not the top of the bull cycle.
  9. Healthy correction after ath, a power outage in the biggest mining district in China, COIN ipo dump, FUD about crypto money laundering, massive DOGE pump plus all the alt pumping bait n switch we've seen. I personally blame Ben Askren.
  10. 1 Bitcoin equals 55,555.00 United States Dollar Lol
  11. I'm not subscribed to anything but i watch a lot of different MMA, kickboxing & boxing related stuff & occasionally related podcast. Besides that my recommended is flooded with various podcast, art/3d, financial & crypto stuff right now. I need to throw the algorithm 4 5 & start watching some completely different stuff.
  12. Funniest part of the post is he referenced all the FUD stories.... potato famine, tulips, VW bust then shills hydrogen fool cells & Tron lol I'm not a fan of Tron. I'm sure some people make a killing off it i know people like Cobie does & some of the other big crypto whales on twitter, Facebook & Youtube but i won't touch it. I'm only really interested in a few select alts but i do look at other stuff because i like 2 learn about how people operate in the space & i like to learn about up new development on things i'm into, up coming projects, what's on the horizon & how it relates to what I'm invested in but I'm not a day trader that's not really my investing style. In the cypto space unless you have millions to play with i think you can get too spread out same as the stonk market but crypto never sleeps and moves fast. It's probably better to do a lot of research & pick your winners then stick to it but pay attention to other things going on that may effect it. People that day trade & try to make quite gainz chasing the newest opportunity almost all of them get rekt at some point being l8 & they would be better off sticking to something where as the big players with more info, following & money to move markets can play games.
  13. Do u follow a lot of boxing & mma stuff. That crap is all up in my recommendations.
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