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  1. Confused is the new like i see lol
  2. Depends on who you talk to. It actually is fairly easy here to earn a decent honest living you just have to work hard, acquire skills, not expect everything at once & make some sacrifices over time to put yourself in a good spot. Granted that is getting more difficult with more competition and with GDP increasing and medium income going down over the last half century but that's sort of been the case everywhere though. As far as rights we're losing those by the handful but it's still WAY better than most places in the world which don't even have 1st amendment rights. I knew in my early 20's the American dream was kinda a lie for the most part & sorta dead for many people by the l8 1970's but that doesn't mean it's so difficult here to earn a decent living. That dream is still alive if you have any discipline, decency and have perseverance. Problem is there are too many losers that don't. Bottom line is this. The onus is on you. I am a little worried about what happens when AI/robotics displaces many jobs. Look what happens when jobs go away and people don't have any purpose or sense of accomplishment & have to depend on others. They basically become tribal blame game animals that feel entitled & see everyone else as an enemy.
  3. Your right dude it was wrong & that should not be happening but what do you expect? It's an impossible job right now & we either restore order or things will get much worse. I don't wanna have to start shooting people because the whole damn country loses their fkn mind & that's where we are headed with all this BS. I'm getting real sick of this narrative in this country of the bad cops & the poor innocent black oppressed & other criminal instigators crying victim meanwhile white people are all that is evil if they aren't woke enough to meet all demands from these woke activist idiot groups that are frankly the real fascist/racist that support chaos for their woke cause at any cost. They don't actually respect people, they barely even work or contribute anything of value & they don't value anything but these people want everyone to cater to them like the world revolves around them. NO Fk them all. I'm just pissed we have a country now that has to play nice & lie about things constantly skirting a line to enable/appease scum with zero accountability that is ushering in an age of basically giving license to FKN losers to swoop in & destroy this country from within like the fkn terrorist we know they are. This is one the easiest countries in the world to make it with the most rights. It's never enough though.... If you can't struggle & make it here honestly then GTFO, get locked in a cage or just fkn die. Sick of excuses and worse enabling which just fuels this $hit. I'm starting to get pushed closer into the I_Take_Roids camp each day. Let the boogaloo happen now if it's gonna come to that.
  4. Fentanyl eh. Damn CHINER @thestorm-1 Your pic isn't displaying. If you copy the image address there are letters after .jpg. like this.... jpeg.244002/ Fix the URL.
  5. It isn't helping the news/social media is siding with lawless scum, only condemning police response to riots but doesn't have the balls to condemn lawless criminals & still trying to frame this thing like a "peaceful protest" because it doesn't fit their victim/racism narrative. Enemies of the people are fueling the fire on purpose but if allowed you'll have a country in ruins. It never was a peaceful protest. This is attempted over throw insurgency. The media, radical left & certain wealthy backers advocate terrorism & are complicit in treason. Wake up America
  6. They didn't kill him. They asked him to back up, he didn't comply & when he got too close they pushed him. Excessive maybe but when they're trying to clear the street during a riot if you approach them that's on you. This is no longer a "protest" that all went out the window when people divorced themselves from this country started looting, lynching, burning & shooting people. They became enemy combatants in a war zone and if some innocent people get spilt to restore order then that's what needs to happen. Stay the hell out the war zone if you don't wanna get hurt. I hope all rioters don't just get arrested i hope they get lit on fire, shot in the kneecaps then rolled over several times until their bodies are paste. I'm all out of any sympathy for lawless looters, radical leftists, professional victims & even semi innocent idiots that think this is a game. They wanted war & chaos don't be shocked at the consequences.
  7. Shame on Bree's for having a different opinion on what the flag & national anthem means to him & having an opinion woke don't like. Shame on Bree's for doing more for blacks after Katrina than probably any person on the entire Saints roster. You're supposed to just bow down to whatever woke attention ****s tell you is important to them & if you don't agree with them then you are part of the problem & face being cancelled.
  8. I'm not religious at all but i agree with the sentiment. I'm not kneeling for any man. I'm not kneeling for bae either unless she's not about playing games but often gets on her knees for a savage skull fk throat pie like a proper dirty $lut. 🤣
  9. Under normal circumstances that's a little OTT but right now i don't care who you are people shouldn't be walking up on a Poilce line ignoring instructions to back up with armed police officers with your hands hovering anywhere close to their firearms. The old man was way to close. Especially in light of tensions & with over 300+ officers injured nationwide & at least a few shot to death during the riots. Protest are over for now as far as i'm concerned. You wanna see bad apples let's talk about the scum that murdered David Dorn. I'm about ready to go crack some heads out there myself.
  10. All i saw was was a few cuts to tiddies & A LOT of bad acting lol
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