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  1. I had to turn it off. They raised a lot of good points but the way they did made it sound completely biased & my BS detector went off several times. I can't listen to people that make things sound so definite with certainty. They were making it sound like everyone in prison is innocent & absolute fk'ry abounds at every turn. There are plenty problems with the justice system & all the points they raised were legit but not nearly as frequently as those two were leading on. I could also see them doing that lawyer "heartstrings" game. It felt like they were pouring it on & I h8 that stuff & detect it easily.
  2. What's your fav verse? I think this one is in my top 5 Seems a bit excessive lol
  3. This post......reminds me of these kinda people lol
  4. IDK but it's bad news from everything i've heard. B4 that we had a nurse give her Oxy while recovering in ICU & she had a reaction starting itching so i wasn't gonna put up any experimental nonsense. Give her something moderate that we know she's not allergic to was my thought. Besides those two incidents the team were all miracle workers especially with patience because my mom is not that easy get along with when she's cranky. She's an old school fierce independent type that doesn't do stuck somewhere or sick well. She turns into a annoying Karen that wants to see the manager LOL
  5. Aweful drug. A lot of dat chit is made in China go figure. We've had problems in the US with it as well. After my mom's surgery the team of doctors were all the best but we had this one young pain management doc trying to prescribe her fentanyl for moderate pain. I looked at him & went full ghetto.... "Wut? You outcha mind or fresh outta med school? You don't give Fentanly to someone fresh outta surgery recovering from cancer with heart conditions for moderate pain. Getcha ya drug dealing @ss out my sight & send another doctor knows what they're doing. Ya done here because she's not gonna be ya lil experiment for big pharma so you can make an extra buck" He didn't say a word but left fuming lol. Maybe i was too harsh but fk that. Few minutes later one of the other doctors assistants stopped by & talked to us about it apologized & they gave us another pain management doctor instead of that irresponsible young cat trying to be a drug dealer.
  6. Take notes Trump admin. This is how u handle stuck on stupid dumb@ss media & a crisis hooah. I wish we had the general during Covid response initially. Take no BS leadership and moving forward would have been welcomed.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-YOtwUv4bA I vote for Russel "Git dem goddamn weapons down" Honore if he ran. Dude is all class & honor
  8. From what i remember from Katrina Bush response was way too slow & security got a little out of hand. Mayor Nagin of NOLA did a horrible job b4 & after & FEMA response was slow but the aftermath with teh inspections/permits/building code regulations they imposed made things much worse in bringing people back & hampered the rebuilding effort big time for the big easy. One of the main reasons i left NOLA is because of FEMA. They absolutely suck. Lt. General Russel Honore was a local hero living legend now & maybe SVT remembers but when that man's boots hit the ground he took charge like a Bauce & $hit got done. He was the hero the city needed while everyone else was standing around with their thumb up their @ss not having a clue what to do.
  9. His pupils. He looks like he just hung out with Conor & did ALL the coke lol.
  10. On the bold it definitely wasn't as bad under Bush nor Obama. Many on the left h8'ed him & the right h8'ed Obama but social media & the news in the Trump era is definitely the prime driver in fueling & instigating outrage. They're are much more invested in rage bait optics then ever b4 & it includes academia, corporate America', Hollyweird & entertainment are all used as trickle down influence & to a degree by design to enslave the culture. The influence & acceptance of woke vs white nationalist identity cults is the current game. It's at the heart of fanning the flames to make a choice in picking a side. A lot of it has to do with algorithms & data analytics driving the narrative to compete for the attention with old legacy media vs. new media platforms and they all figured out the rage/fear machine is the best way to keep attention & entrench the tribalism more for generations to come. The propaganda techniques & knowledge of how brain chemistry & psy-op style psychology works have become far more developed & weaponized now.....and it's speeding up.... They are basically always trying to invoke flight, fight, freeze response via everything is end of the world. Get people so worked up & invested emotionally they file right into camps of echo chambers to get that feel good hit of dopamine response so it becomes like a drug they need to come back for more & more & it's never satisfied. What people are really looking for is just acceptance in a seemingly cruel uncaring world. Sounds wild but that is exactly what is happening in the digital age. This is why i bring all that stuff up a lot about AI, social media, fake news etc. being an enemy because i can see that's happening under our nose & it's becoming a dangerous threat that people need to arm themselves against b4 it breaks their filter to think critically & relax.
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