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  1. Fair enough but I'm just hodl'ing & stacking little by little over time. Not concerned at all with any FUD month to month or even Y2Y. I'm not even close to being tapped out. I still have enough cash on hand that if things got really crazy with the markets & economy I'll be fine for over a yr even if i quit working for a yr. Stonks i can always part with. Alts i can part with, precious metals & other assets i own can part with but I'm not selling a single sat until it gets over 250K which imo will easily happen & then some b4 2023. By 2025 we may even hit a million per BTC. If i ever have kids one day i will be setting up a will/trust & passing down some BTC to them. I'm in this as a long term investment.
  2. Soft flash crash maybe. Some whales dumped large outflow of BTC down to 46 trying to make paper hands sell. Suits & diamond hands will buy right back & It'll be back up to 50K next week. 80K by June. Meanwhile I'm still stacking sats like a boss.
  3. Go go autopilot. Cool to see. Tew many idiots on the road lose focus & don't pay attention. Seems to happen a lot of big vehicles. Those drivers are even worse than bully speed demons trying to shave a few minutes.
  4. I haven't been following last few days. Halts were done by the stonk exchange or are you talking about brokerage/apps? With all of this WSB stuff i wouldn't be trying to play coat tails on meme stonks. You will likely be l8 on timing & get scalped.
  5. I hardly even notice 2K drops anymore. Especially when a day or two later it's back or a week later blows up like 5 grand past it's recent dip. Honestly if it went all the way back down to 20 grand i'd just stack more. I'm haven't sold any BTC since i started stacking. Best move i made with any of my investments.
  6. My mom took the Moderna one already about a month ago. She didn't died. No side effects yet other than her arm was sore for a few days & she felt a little fatigue but she has that normally sometimes anyway. We'll see when she takes the second part. I think for older folks with health issues it's well worth the risk. I'm gonna take it too when it becomes available for my age group. Even if you get it after having taken the vaccine which is rare but can still happen it will lesson the severity of symptoms & lower transmission. In the really really rare case you're one of those people that has an adverse reaction to the vaccine there is really is no reason not to take it. More likely you have a bad reaction to rona than the vaccine. Me being a smoker with high blood pressure TBH i'd rather take my chances with the vaccine than Rona. You can have far worse irreversible effects if you get a bad case of Rona. Yeah i probably won't die if i got rona but i have one of those over active immunes systems & i'd probably be one of those unlucky people that has a cytokine storm reaction & it reks my lungs permanently. I'll take my chances with the vaccine. I'm definitely taking my tinfoil hat off for this one.
  7. There's a lot of rich tech investors interested on NFT's. I'm more or less just wanting to be an early adopter of cryptoart & see where i can take it because i already have the digital/fine art chops & it won't take up that much time to create some cool crypto art. If i sell great if not i didn't really lose anything. Ultimate goal is to get Elon to buy one from me for 420.69.
  8. LMAO. That video might be the best investment advice in the thread!!!
  9. Honestly i wouldn't buy any meme stonks right now.
  10. Agreed on timing. I seem to have a knack for it. I bought a lot of shares last yr when it was around 400(ish). Sold a lot of it for 800 something. Still keeping some to long but not enough to sweat. I'm kinda done with stonks for now. I do way better just HODL'ing BTC & buying the dips. I'll have Lambo money in no time if i keep doing that & honestly the "volatility" of BTC scares me less than Tesla & stonks do.
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