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  1. So far so good in NOLA. https://www.fox8live.com/2020/05/30/nopd-thanks-new-orleans-protestors-peaceful-demonstration/
  2. Absolutely there are opportunist on both sides. Soros is tied to this $hit he's been doing it for yrs. He is an opportunist to the extreme & chaos is his ladder.
  3. LoL. All fun & games till it happens where u stay.
  4. It's very obvious some of this is being organized by Antifa members among other groups that want chaos. If you don't know this then you haven't been paying attention. Antifa is well documented for causing all kinds of radicalized protest here. They are terrorist criminal scum. That's not a conspiracy but a fact.
  5. Probably but it does happen. Soros is one of the main actors funding this chaos not just here but around the world. Funding insurgency is a model for radical change.
  6. ^^ I've seen much worse than that for a night out in the French Quarter on Bourbon st. Saw a guy get sucker knocked out by half a dozen punks then a few of them one of them curb stomped him. Almost certain they killed him.
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