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  1. Just to throw a nerdy reference in here to my fav game & fantasy genre... More or less basically with the prominence of data collection, digital media, personalized analytics & socio-economic business politics big tech & gov unleashed the 4 chaos gods lol Time for everyone to understand how to avoid getting sucked into the warp where madness abounds & you're self trapped like a ghost in a machine where what u consume ends up consuming u. In other words people need to grow the fk up, be more productive & conquer their demons or all this $hits gonna get real bad real fast.
  2. It's everyone really but it's mostly AI algorithm driven social media companies, entertainment influencers, legacy media & gov driving the culture wars & consumers eat it up. To what exact level or % of BS ratio to real facts is hard to say but it's definitely more BS than in the past with the power of viral social media, algorithm suggestions, demographic data, behavioral profile mapping of people & that being used as an attention/addiction weapon of mass indoctrination. Everyone is competing for FUD attention where the most tribal insane outlandish schizophrenic outlandish if bleeds it leads memes, titles & stories grab the biggest market share of attention for the day or get suggested as content because the algorithms push them based on individual interest & people spreading certain things to go viral. The docu film the social dilemma does a pretty good job explaining this. Social issues, social media, fake news & politics are pretty much weaponized addiction now & it's pretty clear it can be a mind cancer for a lot of people at this point. I've seen people i know change in the last say 6-9 years just because of that enormous influence it has on the culture & the psychology of ideology & identity. More points of data the more accurate they can manipulate & indoctrinate people because they're in a sense doing it to themselves with their social media addiction which is a personal echo chamber of your identity, beliefs & interest. This all started really taking off around 2013 ish when social media, big data analytics & social psychology took off & now it's being used against everyone as social/political/economic weapons like everyone is product & not a person. The irony is they're all selling us our own BS in a sense and we feed the habit knowingly or unknowingly doesn't matter.
  3. 100%. Q-anon hasn't posted anything since Dec 8th last year & there was never anything in those post about overthrowing gov or calls for violence lol So where is this "event" being organized for people to show up? > Which online platforms & or communications apps is the bat$hit crazy signal being sent out from because even the capitol riots had many that weren't involved with violent acts & had no clue they weren't just showing up to a peaceful protest & innocent people are getting roped into all this stuff. Whom & what's the root sources of spreading this stuff? Do the organizers have contact list based on profiling of data analytics? Who is supplier for this data? Who is funding those main organizers & spreaders? We need to figure that the FK out ASAP. What do the answers to those questions likely tell you? Dat Dis $hit probably isn't organic or grass roots with would be anti gov domestic terrorist as narrative suggest. What i wanna know is just who the fk are head authors & who are in the know supporting leads of this WWE style playbook & script. If you ask me it's either three things or some combination of them. 1. Some people in media are into making money spreading clickbait fear. If something happens it's see i told you so day & more fake business content to talk about for them. 2. Russian/Chinese state sponsored trolls are running project mayhem style ops & pushing crap to select journalist/organizers to stir chaos here in the US which has already been proven on Facebook etc. with protest/counter protest. 3. Some outfits within certain US 3 letter organizations have became a fan of false flagging LARP machine as a tool to distract, secure additional funding for big brother tracking/monitoring programs & to try to draw out any whack jobs so if something does happen they can justify their budgets. Bottom line is this. Propaganda + social movement mobilization has become big fake business & some govs the world over it's their new fav attack vector. Been done in Ukraine...Middle East etc.
  4. I don't have a problem with other people wearing or not wearing a mask to each their own. I do kind of see mask wearing as a polite respect & hygiene kind of thing like Asia does. The people that are uber anti mask half of them seem like they refuse because it's the edgy rebel thing to do. Kinda like F U i won't do what you tell me. The people that wanna interact with others to wear or not wear on both sides are cunce. Just mind you're fkn business & do u. At the very least we can keep the social distancing. Even b4 covid i didn't want disgusting mouth breathers all up in my space sneezing & coughing on me because they lack awareness of personal space & they're a slob that can't cover their face lol.
  5. That's pretty basic but cool. There is definitely a market for custom hand made furniture & things. If you like building stuff & can come up with some cool designs you should maybe consider selling custom furniture etc. on Etsy or something like that. I'm a really big fan of people taking skills/hobbies & turning it into a small business so you don't have to worry as much just getting by on 9-5 dead end jobs or even if you have a good paying career but don't necessarily like doing it & you're just there for a paycheck. This idea of forging your own career doing things you are interested in & enjoy is way more possible now & feels good man especially if you can build up the business enough to work for yourself. If you ever consider selling & have an online presence & brand for marketing don't get side tracked pulled into any nonsense noise for example getting into political debates, responding to people being messy or bickering with people over trivial stuff etc. Just ignore all that $hit, be as professional as you can & keep making dope $hit. This is the way.
  6. I don't think it's a bad idea to take some profits to cover initial investment. It' is the smart move to skim a little to cover in case things go south but potentially less profitable. I did that with Tesla because the markets have been bananas & Elon's mouth lol & i probably will do that with BTC at some point just not this year. I don't think we've reached peak fervor. No way I'm selling half unless something really crazy happens & even then i'd really have to think about it. A lot of day trader people seem to be trying to play BTC like stonks & i think some of the whale/institutional money are playing that game right now on a much larger scale to scare influence people to panic sell & clean out as many smaller fish as they can to corner as much as they can to hoard & HODL. Some people are calling bear for short to mid term but I'm not really buying that I'm kind of thinking we'll have bearish patterns short term as feints by some of the whale money but we'll still have a slower steady climb & we're back to full swing on bullish AF by May-June & maybe some additional FOMO through summer.
  7. So was most of Disney's stuff & pretty much all content had some racial or misogamy undertones if you go back far enough. Some of them were outright blatant. That's just how it was back then & some of that still exist today but it's way more subtle now especially the legacy & social media driven focus to placate the SJW mob of dummies that need their outrage fix & to fit in. I don't wanna dismiss them entirely because in some way some of that stuff provides checks/balances due to how absurd it is like a pendulum that goes too stupid in either direction & snaps back to reality aka the middle ground where sanity still lives. However....it's become an addiction for a lot of people & your media companies, political parties are the crack dealers. Cancel culture for the most part is literally stupid & doesn't solve anything. It just makes people feel drunk with a sense of power to control others & divides people into entrenched camps that demonize each other so it's not only destructive but a worthless waste of energy to even engage with people that are stuck on stupid in their ways & want everyone else to view things the way they do. The sooner people stop paying attention to all this cringe outrage click baiting identity politics game which is a model for attention to get views & herd people into dummy tribal camps & trying to force feed miserable ideology to virtue signal & try to belong on a so called right side the better off people will be. We need to get back to being individual critical thinkers instead of leading with kneejerk assumptions or virtue signals to try to fit into tribal groups with hive minded cancerous ideologies.
  8. This NFT space is a digital content revolution & asset class BTW. Applies to so much content & is a definite contract but few understand how big of a deal that will be once this all really takes off. Blockchain & NFT's in particular is going to help content creators take more creative control of their work & be paid more fairly. It gives the artist/creator more leverage. If you get your content popular enough you could be making royalties on it for life. The hard part is getting enough eyes on it & producing consistent quality work & gaining a huge following so that your work is scarce but sought after. One example is you could create a unique character for your favorite video game that becomes very popular on the internet going viral & license it with royalties to a gaming studio that wants to use it for their game. Same with music, same with video content or anything digital content or physical items you mint & those rights to it when you mint it will be on the blockchain forever. Possibilities are endless. Crypto will do the same thing for finance. You are your own bank so to speak. Proof of work, peer 2 peer with less dilution of value from priced in middle men & copy cats skimming into fair trade & profit of the creators is the way. Yes you can do all that now but blockchain is the added digital layer that makes this all easier & more ironclad.
  9. It's real. IDK 100% if that photo is but there is a school in Washington state that had tent pods for band. I think that's the source but I'm not 100% certain. There's memes & articles about it all over the internet with that pic in reference to that story.
  10. Art is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. NTF's have a lot of advantages especially with regard to licensing contracts, royalties & being on the blockchain indefinitely. Eventually blockchain NTF's will be used as a political tool & that's good & bad but it's coming..... Beeple is probably one of the most widely known 3D artist in the NFT space. He's done daily's for 5000+ days. His work validates what I've been doing as a hobby for yrs. He actually uses some of the same programs & 3D assets i do but he comes from computer science/programming non art background where as i come from fine art then geeked out into 2D/3D digital art. Was cool to see his work fetch old master ( Dali ) or high society pop art ( Warhol ) like prices. Won't be like that for everyone in the space but it's not much different than the art world & youtubers, discord, patreon etc. The posers get separated from the real with consistency, dedication, marketing & popular following. You should watch this Beeple unboxing video. It's both hilarious & really cool. I think Rogan mentioned him on Instagram & JRE like a yr ago or so. This concept of having art movable on a digital device is something I've wanted to do too because it's so much cooler to have "moving" or "living" art work than static traditional art piece imo. Also helps to have a sick sense of humor....The "cleaning" cloth lmao! Anyway I love Beeple's style. It's very meme culture, modern social commentary & Banksy like but in 3d.... It's also really sci-fi futuristic & gloriously mind meltingly weird & i've always loved that kind of HR Giger ish bordering on another realm or alternative reality but hitting on archetypical themes. .
  11. Should be considered child abuse. Some of these insane measures are going to cause psychological damage that will last far longer than Covid.
  12. I knew Kev would come around. He's been warming up to crypto in interviews. Mark Cuban & his son who works for Tesla probably schooled him. Saw an interview with Cuban yesterday. He actually knows quite a lot about blockchain, Defi, & NFTs. I was impressed to hear he's taking online courses on blockchain, machine learning & is even learning solidity to better understand smart contracts. I personally think everyone should take a few courses on AI, Blockchain etc..just to get a familiarity of understanding. Should be required in schools, colleges, various businesses because the more you learn about this space the more it opens up understanding of possibilities, strengths/weakness of projects, how it will apply to everything so you can separate the wheat from the chaff & be able to spot ahead of the curve what's gonna be huge & what's sort of BS dead on arrival so you can then invest accordingly. The more people learn the more they come around....well except Peter lol. This mofo is on permatard lol.
  13. Because that $hit would never happen in America. 🤣
  14. Fair enough but I'm just hodl'ing & stacking little by little over time. Not concerned at all with any FUD month to month or even Y2Y. I'm not even close to being tapped out. I still have enough cash on hand that if things got really crazy with the markets & economy I'll be fine for over a yr even if i quit working for a yr. Stonks i can always part with. Alts i can part with, precious metals & other assets i own can part with but I'm not selling a single sat until it gets over 250K which imo will easily happen & then some b4 2023. By 2025 we may even hit a million per BTC. If i ever have kids one day i will be setting up a will/trust & passing down some BTC to them. I'm in this as a long term investment.
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