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  1. Yeah i don't have one but would consider if i needed it. I like that's it's too awkward to carry and you can put under the bed to hide away, save space and not be an eye sore.
  2. Yeah i didn't vet those. I just posted it because i heard about what UN was projecting for possible starvation numbers due to covid-19 & lock down panic making it worse.
  3. I have one of those fire proof sentry brief case type safes. I keep my banking & personal ID info kinda stuff in there. TBH they're highly crack-able though. I've seen YT videos of people getting into them with a sledge hammer & a crowbar. These are pretty cool though
  4. Makes sense. I kinda figured that may be the case or we'd probably have way more cases even in less population dense areas. Wu flu would definitely grab more people if it was so highly contactable on surfaces. Some of the early findings about it being actively airborne for up to 3 hrs or so may be the case in a controlled lab study but unlikely to so easily contractible in the real world. There is definitely something with genes, blood types & amounts of viral load exposure it takes to contract we're missing info on since there is evidence it doesn't transmit as easily with certain genes and blood types. Wait are they saying surfaces is the main type of transmission method? I don't believe that if so.
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    Unless Spotify offers an option to skip adds for free users Joe's podcast is going to see substantially less views. There are too many subscription services these days Cable, Hulu, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. etc.....it adds up. At least YT have a community & the option for people to skip their adds even on the free service. I stopped using Spotify because i don't like the interface as much as YT & they don't have a skip ads option. You have to pay for subscription or suffer through their ads. I'm not paying for Spotify premium & their ads you have to watch like every 10 min it would just drive me nuts. Great for Joe but it's gonna kill a lot of his viewership but maybe that's the plan because he was getting to big and becoming a target.
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    I'm sure it did. Joe & people like Tim Pool, Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Eric W. have talked about it a lot. Not just them but a lot of gaming streamers as well or anyone that talks about religion, guns or right leaning politics are under constant threat of cancel. Basically you go slightly against the PC machine & mob you're in trouble. A lot of those channels are not even controversial but YT wants a certain type of content that is corporate and far left so they go out of their way to make those channels less popular in sneaky ways with algorithm fk'ery, shadow banning videos, unsubscribing/notification fk'ery, down voting, outright pulling videos & de-monitizing when they had no problem with them for yrs. They also do the opposite to promote "friendly" corporate brand channels but the brass within YT is PC on steroids & the snitch force SJW activist mob that is a minority reports anything that outrages them ( which is every damn thing ). That is the crowd they're after for business reasons. They gonna kill their own platform & turn into a super duper safe space utopia no one wants to watch. I saw Elon posted on Joe's twitter "Cancel Cancel Culture". Can't say i don't agree. I would just really prefer if Joe & the IDW as a whole plus maybe Dave Chappelle & a few others all together created an alternative themselves & did their own platform. Or use something like Bit chute. Maybe many will make a mass exodus now & YT will start to sweat & stop with their gestapo tactics & go back to being what got them to the dance. I'm gonna miss JRE though for however long he signed that contract. I refuse to use Spotify. I don't like using the platform, ads are even more constant than YT, i don't like you can't watch without logging in, no comments section for extra giggles & i'm not going out of my way to pirate JRE just to watch his show. YT with all it's BS was at least very convenient to watch.
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    I don't like using Spotify and i'm pretty bummed out he's making it exclusive. Half of the fun on YT was the comments & being able to watch it without signing in. I srsly doubt i will watch it anymore & it was my fav podcast by far. Wish him luck but man he sold out making it exclusive to a platform some people don't use or like.
  8. IDK know about all that.....& we've only seen the tip of the iceberg is all i'm saying. They can do it encrypted until there is enough suspicion for an investigation and warrant. They're going full steam the opposite direction and police are the last people that should have that kinda power.
  9. Not yet it's flagged by AI but that the data is forever once they collect it unless they remove it and with AI getting better it can be analyzed with tens of thousands of data points on everyone effectively mapping anyone and use that information as they see fit against anyone they want. If the oversight commodities actually had real oversight in how these systems work & they weren't bulk collecting but deleting or storing as needed for actual threats & investigations i'd have much less of a problem with it.
  10. They don't have to do it the way they're doing it i.e. gotta collect 'em all. Data is not intelligence they can target ANYONE. Do you even realize they have over a million people on the drone list? Do you not understand it's a tool that can and will be used to manipulate & control people likely already being done on some high levels & it's coming for everyone. It's hoover on ALL the steroids just wait till AI gets guud. What happens when they can dig dirt on anyone or even using hacking tools to plant any incriminating evidence even if the target hasn't done anything & use them as a black mail asset to serve whatever operation they want. I mean hell don't ever become successful, or become a person that has connections to people they want as an asset or anyone that is opposing opposition that fights for rights they don't want you to have. That's where we're headed with these programs. You give that power it will be used and there is no oversight. Open your eyes man.Those programs open the door to modern slavery.
  11. That's already happened btw since 2001. Trail blazer, stellar wind, 5 eyes programs are umbrella bulk data collection of all electronics has been a thing for a while now. NSA built massive data collection storage facilities in Utah several yrs ago & who knows where else to expand on those programs. It's not just here either it's world wide.
  12. Agreed. the whole "nothing to hide" crowd are missing the point. Started with Patriot act and got worse with NDAA. < Even William Binney former NSA head literally quit over those programs and Ed Snowden gave up his life in exile against it. Neither one of them did that for fortune or fame. They did it because they wanted people to know and they have the foresight to see where it leads....total control. The gov can already destroy just about anybody they want & allowing access to systems that definitely will be abused and get worse & more invasive over time is just not a good idea at all. I mean look at what happened to Duncan Lemp. The cam footage malfunctioned though when they murder people.....Just like another man that didn't kill himself. Be warned....Ben told us...
  13. I made some recent post on Gates but it literally had nothing to do with any beef with Trump at all. I couldn't even tell you what their beef with each other is because i could care less. I read stuff about the kinda things Gates was doing a long time ago but the Monsanto thing raised my brow to him and i thought what he's up to is pretty terrible especially considering he's the 2nd most wealthy man in the world and has the power to make it happen. On face value it sounds real nice but when you look under the hood it's obvious his approach to everything is exploitation & trying to implement a fascists globalists agenda imo. I'm VERY libertarian minded so i absolutely h8 that stuff when people think they know better trying to force things on people with their vision of what they think the world should be then acting like they're doing a good service when their methods at the root are evil AF no matter how well intended. How you somehow correlate everything to Trump is borderline crazy to me & i hope you're trolling because that can't be healthy being that fixated on one person. Frankly i wish Tulsi or Yang won the democratic nomination & beat Trump because i'm sick of hearing about the guy all over the place.
  14. If Bill Gates wanted to help Africans/Indians etc. couldn't he just build wells for clean water as a start or help them with infrastructure or education to be able to have the opportunity move to more sustainable areas? i.e. help them but let them live their lives instead of trying to force your own agenda. Nah let's use vaccines, patents, GMO agricultural warfare, eliminate bio diversity so we can provide kick back royalties to imperialist capitalistic partners that seek to exploit these countries. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/03/02/toxic-agriculture-and-the-gates-foundation/
  15. ID2020, Agenda 2030, Monsanto........Yeah what a wonderful guy that's Gates fellow is..... He's practically a saint now to morons. Humanitarian yeah right....More like fascists psychopathic POS control freak with a god complex that will use anyone to push his by any means necessary agenda. Fk 'em - Matt Serra
  16. I didn't like g8's for over a decade. He's definitely not selfless. He's a facists twat that veils himself under humanitarianism. It's a good cover.
  17. I feel ya. I almost had to call the cart narcs @ Walmart earlier. 🤣 Lazy fks leaving their baskets in the parking spots. Meanwhile you got like 3 greeters standing at the entrance with barricades not doing a damn thing. Literally just standing there with a mask on & that's somehow an essential job smfh When i got out of there they had another dude with his daughter in his arm and he walked his cart back to the corral. I gave him a thumbs up & told him respect for taking your cart back where it belongs. Wish everyone did that instead of being lazy.
  18. Agreed. I only disagree if the fight stays majority on the feet Khabib's chances of winning go down. His stand-up is very underated though because this is MMA. Stand-up is not just striking in the distance or in the pocket. It includes the clinch & spamming TD's which makes strikers think twice because of the duel threat. Khabib's low % of TD's in the open is irrelevant because he never gets that tired doing it & even when he doesn't get the TD but ties people up a minute here and there he saps their strength and will eventually get them on the fence eventually take them down and his top control, advancing posish+GnP wearing people down is 2nd to none. He makes them have to work or get bludgeoned & he's so good at that it's way more exhausting for them to defend, defend, defend till checkm8. The threat of TD plus striking makes him a duel threat enough that he can cook an opponent on the feet a little and make entries when they make a move creating the opening for him or he can do it himself if they become too passive waiting to pot shot counter. Justin has been a lot more patient in his recent fights but he still winds up sometimes & or gets into exchanges which would open him up for being tie-up or taken down outright if timed right & in a long fight he tends to fade a little.
  19. Did they hire John MCafee? I mean just a few yrs ago they couldn't crack them & Apple claims they don't do that. < Blee dat $hit like i believe in the Santa.
  20. About what? Nevermind.....pretty much everything he says lol
  21. Don't feel bad i just had some cashier last night at a gas station who was talking about shutdown with an older gentlemen security guard that was in there for coffee say we should just close EVERYTHING down for two weeks & it'll all be over. 🤣 I wanted to tell him you'd need at least a month & some change minimum which wouldn't even be possible even if you enacted a total quarantine you couldn't enforce it but even if you could probably millions would die from starvation etc if no one could go anywhere for a month plus and on top of that the economy would be totally collapse for yrs & cause all kinds of chaos but something tells me this guy had no clue of any detail on how things actually work so i just payed for my gas & told him "Have a good one" then left.
  22. I generally like him & think his ideas are less invasive because he's more an alternate solution kinda guy rather than trying to shove things down people's throats. The neural link AI stuff is a little scary though & i'm not a big fan of self driving electric cars being fully the new standard. Other than that i'm pretty supportive of things he's doing. Gates monkeying around with food & health stuff bothers me not the cause itself so much which is noble on the surface but the methods & means in which he wants to "fix" things i disagree with strongly. This whole don't pump the breaks full steam ahead futurist trend movement that leads to a more centralized one world, one choice kinda society i don't like the direction because it eliminates or makes options much less viable in a way we are boxed in with lesser watered down artificial inferior choice & i can observe over time we're losing A LOT of our humanity for it and i h8 the fact we may be stuck with it as standard model with less and less power of choice & opportunity for everyone else meanwhile you have median average income going down & the wealth gap growing larger & larger giving them even more power to dictate a future we may not like at all. We have an illusion of choice now but the veil is being rapidly lifted and i don't like what i see coming with regard to where it ultimately leads. i.e. we are Borg. Time to burn this chit hole down and start from scratch if we lean too hard towards we are Borg.
  23. I'm not saying he doesn't do some good things but you'd have to be a fool to think just because someone does some good things they can't be involved with horrible $hit. Has nothing to do with tinfoil hat stuff. Fact that he has shares in Monsanto and that alone is cause enough to not buy his BS act & be a skeptic of his other projects. My beef really isn't so much with him necessarily but the way the system is with these megalomaniac billionaires like him meddling arrogantly with every damn thing and fk'ing things up so we don't have a choice. I especially h8 Monsanto because of what they were trying to do with food/pesticides monopoly with terminator seeds. DON'T FK with our food bro so that we don't have another option besides the BS they're trying to sell being main stream and ultimately the only choice. Why is the crap the standard and not the other way around or at least more balanced. You have these people that try to eliminate choice then we are left with their crap fix. We never fkn learn. I can still remember growing up how much better quality things were made & the food was much better. Now everything breaks easily and food is no where near as high quality. We keep fkn around & cheapening everything and they gonna be selling us soylent green. Fk that i'm tired of getting boxed in by these a-hole people because they wanna control every fkn thing. That's not progress, it's a systematic regressive diluting of things. Every single time we fk with nature so much with all this artificial crap like we're so fkn smart nature says B!tch please hold my beer. My bad but i'm a big h8'er of that stuff. Probably as passionately as you once h8'ed on X-box lol
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