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  1. umm i don't vote or donate to political campaigns & i barely even talk about politics besides here so how do i "support" them. I have nuanced opinions on issues. Some things on the left i lean towards but for the most part i lean right on a lot of issues. Are we the only two in this thread that views abortion as ok'ish within reason? I fundamentally don't like the idea of abortion however i also feel like it isn't really my place to tell others what they can do so... and frankly some people aren't fit or in a position to raise kids so the option should be there. I'd be interested to hear what pro-life opinions here think about abortion in the case of rape or incest.
  2. Lol ultimate woke level achieved.
  3. I know I'm just saying if the shoe were on the other foot that's probably the one issue conservatives & libertarians will just not accept. I wouldn't be threatening anyone but let it be known you make a stupid law that i can't be armed to protect myself & come to my residence to take anything you better be ready for full John Chapman. I'll die on that hill with tenacity.
  4. Agree to some extent because no term limits. Presidents can engage in war though & if it's a major one can have a huge lasting effect. Besides that though SC is far more important imo.
  5. Rightfully so. The minute Dems try to take guns away even i'm gonna be on the streets. Or maybe not i'll just stay ghost but i'm not giving up arms. You ain't taking that right away especially with all this crap going on. Literally over my dead body.
  6. I hope they don't try to over turn RvW & it would be awful if they tried to mess with marriage rights for gays. Find a dem nominee that supports gun rights & limited reasonable abortion not planned parenthood insanity or l8 term crazy & i'm happy with that pic. I'm for rights of the people even if i don't agree with them on some things.
  7. I agree this RBG & SC issue is bigger than people think. I've seen a few reaction vids of dems completely freaking out over this especially since Ginsberg was such a supporter of LGBTQ, Women & trans rights. Some of these people were acting like the country is doomed for the next 20+ yrs and their lives are over because of this. The Ginsberg death cuts deeper than even their Trump h8. TBH as much as i disliked Ruth she brought a balance. I actually don't want another evangelist pandering type judge but i do want someone that is not an activist like Ruth was.
  8. Was watching some marine training video footage earlier forest fights sims in the woods & these riots look like the light version of those exercises. Thing that is worrisome is it's all fun n larps now but tactics are evolving on both sides & they've all become desensitized.
  9. Portlandia back at it again. This $hit is wild...doesn't even seem real lol ^^ Not sure if "Empire strikes back" around 9 sec "imperial march" song if it was playing in the background on the streets somewhere or if it was the actual police truck that rolled by but lul. I like the smoke a dope tactics in this one... .
  10. I mean i'm sorry but if you see everything through the lens of race, sex, gender, orientation, ability/disability, religion, class, age then YOU are the bigot.
  11. I mean IDK maybe if ya'll stop teaching this kinda $hit in schools....
  12. University of Princeton admits to ingrained racism trying to virtue signal. Trump has department of education open investigation into funding of these admitted racist. LOL Moves & counter moves. Modern problems require modern solutions.
  13. I'm one of the people that doesn't. The very people that are likely to do it are the very people i fine with having less of. 🤣 That isn't the only reason but it is one.
  14. I'm sure an evangelist will be nominated during her funeral. Honestly think Trump should nominate someone just left of center just to strike a balance.
  15. 🤣 This would so GOAT 4 a podcast.
  16. Ginsberg was bad for a bunch of reasons but I honestly don't think GOP should not push for a RGB replacement till after the election. From a strategic pov If they said they will hold off it may quell some fears. Or if they nominated someone that is more centrist or slightly left leaning but not quite as activist as Ginsberg that would go a long way to showing respect for the other side & turn swing voters in Trump's favor instead of just putting another right leaning judge in.
  17. You know that's David Rockafeller right?
  18. When Killiary or Soros goes i'm throwing a gender reveal party. 🤣 nah but srsly i will celebrate if either of those two bite the dust & IDGAF if that's fk'ed up.
  19. Funny how all these "oppressed" groups have more advantages in this country. Pro tip. If your local gov reduces it's police force due to "popular" activist demand & locks up people willing to defend themselves & their property get the hell out of there immediately if you can. Move somewhere that actually respects your right to defend life and property against criminals.
  20. You're not supposed to talk about this though. Anti-Semitic conspewacy thewy lol. Soros isn't the only one he's just the most known & likely the most active. Follow the orgs & money it's not that hard to figure out. The MO is hundreds of different orgs with cute sounding names like "Freedom" this or "Protect Vote" that funding all these radicals. Saw Dan Bongino show. He had multiple articles from leftists publications confirming. They can't even deny it anymore. Go Rumble. The more alternative platforms that don't censor/demonetize, search result/algorithm manipulate that emerge from all this woke/cancel culture very obvious election interference that grows the better. They more they try to silence & or attack popular & even non partisan or reasonable voices with the same tired "Racists" "Bigot" "Mysoginist" Transphobic" Homophobic" attack claims the more people wake up & they kill their own message & platforms. When are they gonna learn.
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