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  1. Dues Vult. I'm not "that" worried about it because it can't be worse than Rona. I probably would have been on of the people that got rek by rona since i have mildly high blood pressure, smoker & an over active immune system i.e. never get flu or colds. Cytokine storm & lasting lung damage probably would have been me. Admittedly i was/am a little worried about what long term health effects it may have since we basically rushed all this. I'm older now so any drop off in health capacity hurts since fitness is such a huge way of life & identity to me.
  2. Thank you for your class good sir even if you are an admitted bogan.
  3. Painted this yesterday in about 10-15 min playing around with some new paints & paper my mom gave me to try out. Dat pigeon posture doe 🤣
  4. Good luck with that. 2021 will probably be even crazier. I think it's all down hill from here....
  5. I've found at least half a dozen that made me question if i'm like 10% Bi. There's one on Chaturb8 that makes Bailey Jay look a like a man. Linda Michell, X Mariana, Dollformoney69.......Is the hot trans holy trinity. Your welcome 🤣
  6. ^^ Many people have dash cams just for such occasions because people lie & or try to scam insurance sometimes. I went through some BS in 2016. Only time i had an accident in my life. Was pulling out my drive way and some dummy came around the corner fast not paying attention & ran right into me. Didn't get settled for two yrs. Important thing is nobody was srsly injured or killed ( yet they may claim that later so beware & good luck ). Hope your arm gets better m8.
  7. Any exercise where you stabilize core is abs. Sure it's not targeted but you're still working core. On a stability ball even more so. On having light weights it's not a big deal unless you are trying to get super swole you don't need more weights. Even just bodyweight stuff is fine. Wanna make something harder do more reps, limit rest & or do drop/giant/super sets etc. It will still kick your @ss You can also just forget about reps and go like a full minute of calisthenics then do a set then rest for like 30-45 second & do another set like that a few times alternating between upper & lower body or alternate groups. You can get a killer workout doing that in as little as 20 min. Changing reps to time, doing pre-pumps of body weight stuff, drop/giant/super sets, doing full/half/quarter/hold range of motion reps, changing the angles of the exercise, adding volume, decreasing rest periods are all good ways to add a ton of variety to workouts. Just use your imagination & listen to your body to make things harder if it starts getting too easy. Strict form & quality of contraction is where it's at though never let that suffer if you can help it. When you start getting tired and that starts to suffer increase the rest period more or move on to other groups.
  8. Nah funny is funny & that was a funny burn. I think even Dan could laugh at that & if not he needs to lighten up. Abortion jokes are great.
  9. Agreed. Probably 95% or more is horse $hit. Not that i trust WEF...UN, WHO, Gov etc. all of them are capable of Orwellian nonsense make no mistake but....Even if there is some truth with authority institutions, gov, think tanks etc. playing out sims, having contingency plan memos & strategies in the event of worst case scenarios doesn't mean it's being executed as a plan. Those kind of sites & YT channels need to step up their tinfoil hat game. Social media has become flooded with sloppy Alex Jones type business models people to get attention & play into certain fears & unfortunately with analytics & data they easily take advantage of that to drive views. No different than twitter, Instagram etc. a lot of which is bots & really like less than 10% are actually crazy folks pushing conspiracy & woke SJW stuff but it is influencing more and more people to sway towards fringe stuff. It's mostly not real though. Watch the documentary "The Social Dilemma" if you haven't already ^^. Describes all that really well. It's an addiction. The people crying one centralized world monopoly have a point though. That's where it's all headed towards because ultimately it might just be the best(ish) structure once you reach a certain point of progression. All these algorithmic bots, data analytics this is all a psychology programming experiment + business model to see how much viewership attention they can keep & how much people will actually believe & how little push back against the authority monopolies so they really are getting bolder in willingness to push boundaries more & or make a buck off of conflict but we're starting to get to a point people are getting killed over this nonsense larp so something has to be done. IMO we got a good say 10-15 yrs to fix it b4 it all gets so out of hand it threatens to unravel everything. Nuke/bust up social media conglomerates now or make them all accountable as publishers would be a good start. What that means though is u have 3 options. More censorship, Break up & or eliminate these platforms entirely or transparency of what is bot post & who funded ads with full disclosure & users sign off on being verified & accountable for liable in what they say just like in the real world. 99% of this "truther tinfoil" "teh things the gubment doesn't want you to know" stuff goes away & big social media traffic dies a quick death. If that is where this is all headed at the very least anonymity, transparency & accountability has to happen at some point b4 $hit goes too off the rails & frankly it already has climbed that peak or it's close. Unfortunately that would mean more totalitarianism measures or we burn it all down because public, business, gov can't play nice so we can't have nice things.
  10. Never realized how much Justin's voice sounds like a gay super pompous version of Jordan Peterson lol.
  11. Watching Tech hearing. Dorsey need to shave that hippie looking beard & get rid of that stupid nose ring🤣
  12. A&W makes the better cream soda. Barqs the better Root beer.
  13. Even better if you own it a yr so you'll pay less in tax when you sell. Otherwise you're just throwing money to the gov. I see Tesla & EV's in general as a good long term thing to invest in regardless of up & down trends. I don't think we'll see a true big bubble pop for yrs unless something crazy happens which there is always that risk but yeah now seems like a good time to have leveraged then sell off a lot if you want but keep a little for rainy day because EV's & Tesla barring something crazy happens is due to growth for yrs to come. Even the top Chinese companies in EV while riskier are looking good. With Biden getting in & basically offering tax breaks for EV's the market for that is looking really strong for a while & i don't really see any sweeping legislation in the pipeline that will hamper that. I'm planning to hodl for at least a couple of yrs we'll see.
  14. Markets are crazy today so far. I''m makin' gainz with all my $hit. As expected Tesla is smoking hot out the g8's. We''ll see how that goes at close.
  15. Just saw that is smashed the 17,000 mark. First time since Jan 2018. Mofo's be like. I got about a hundred left in the budget this week do i buy some more groceries or starve for 3 days & buy more BTC? Well i can eat next week. 🤣
  16. Grats. What is dietary discipline for you? If you're working out that much & do HITT ( which you only need 30 min 3-4 times a week ) + Diet=15% x bodyweight that's roughly about your caloric needs. Once you calculate that do minus about 500 calories & don't not eat b4 bed. You can do intermittent fasting if you wish. No sugar, no processed foods, watch the gluten starchy stuff i.e stick to lean meats, veggies simple carbs & water. You do that & you will absolutely lose weight & will not plateau for a while. Recalculate in 6 weeks. Also workout wise take most of the sixth week off like one light workout and two short say 3-5 mile walks instead for a recovery week then recalculate 15% - about 500 cals. If you're eating a lot of greens & healthy fats, lower cal but high nutrient dense food you will not miss that 500 but you will keep losing fat. More or less you'll basically be losing a lb of fat a week doing that if not a little more.
  17. You probably know more about it than i do now. I pretty much stopped paying attention to news like over a month ago. Fk hope in politics or fake news. I'm all about fitness/finance/Art now. AKA Grind 2020 comrade. 🤣
  18. Nah i think he nailed that scam. He needs to watch what he says though....even if it's true.
  19. Would be interested to hear your full but take that's pretty close to how i have mine. I don't listen that much to online people except for a few i know are legit & I've gotten advice from my bro who's been in the industry for 20+ yrs & managed big accounts. His advice was similar so i guess that top 20 uni served u well. 🤣 I have 3 ETF's. one for bio-tech, tech/science, Nasdaq 100 that my bro researched as some of the best ones. I like ETF bundle deal much better than individual stocks. Had Telsa for a while now, some Dominoes & Berkshire along with my BTC & a little bit of gold/silver. Probably gonna sell my Dominoes & Berkshire at the end of the year and keep my Tesla. The tech/Science ETF also has some Tesla so i could sell my Tesla & use it for something else but i think i'll keep it to double down on because i really think Tesla is the future & has plenty room for growth over the next 5-10. Was thinking about adding some ETH. I like ETH smart contracts. It's more versatile than BTC in that respect. Other crypto i'm not really interested in keeping track of. As much as i like pot the pot stocks I'm staying away from that for now lol
  20. That's when u know the DeEpStAtE is winning & PaTrIOtS are no longer in control. Well played deepstate well played 🤣 Been a while but I used to listen to a channel on YT sometimes for entertainment/comedic reasons i think it's called X22 report. ^^ A lot of that kinda stuff it's hilarious tbh. Not gonna lie some of the "official" Q post on https://qanon.pub are legit(ish) or at least some of it is & the topics are pointing out issues that often MSN won't touch. Anything u see on facebook, twitter if they haven't purged them, YT etc. it's like when a oral story gets passed around it morphs into something completely different. That community is very religion cult like. Oddest part about the whole Q phenomenon is Journalist seem to h8 it & blue pilled are auto programmed to believe even legit claims are a wacky conspiracy & anything that challenges their bias must be a farce. It's interesting......if i worked for a certain 3 letter agency & was in charge of a dis-info "mocking bird" type campaign an online viral Q-type movement is probably exactly how i'd do it. U bread crumb one side into thinking they're winning the super secret war & when some real fk'ery comes up the blue pilled anti conspiracist think it's just another one of those wacky conspiracies nothing to see here folks. Kinda gives you more license to do all kinds of moves since it's all just noise.....
  21. I think Trump should be allowed one coup just to be on an even playing field with Dems who tried but failed for 4 yrs. 🤣 Also pardon Snowden. Free Assange
  22. Not fired though right? Honestly don't know what beef they have but it would be a mistake to remove her imo. I'm not a big fan of that agency but like i said i've only heard good things about her as a director.
  23. Diddin watch but as much as people don't wanna hear it or believe it there are opportunists looking to take advantage for permanent change & Davos gonna draconian. All of these world orgs & centralized banks are at the heart of a lot of controversy. 100 yr plan. Not even a secret anymore all you gotta do is read a little & watch what emerges from their pits. What's the phrase....Never let a good crisis go to waste.
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