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  1. Biggest shogun fan here, fan of the sport because of the guy and I wanted him to retire after the 1st hendo fight. The guys knees are gone so he can't train for better cardio,doesn't walk threw strikes like he use to. Very hard to watch him fight nowadays.
  2. I haven't made a comment on here for years now but I just had to show my boy some love You looked amazing Mauricio.
  3. Anderson just has an unbelievable feel in the ring. Like it's a scripted movie and knows exactly what ur going 2 do months in advance. Wow
  4. So bones is counting on the worst shogun I have every seen fight in the gump and Coleman fights to show up. Omg this kid doesn't know what he's getting into. When shogun made the transition 4rm pride to ufc, he made a change 4rm ring to circle, adjust timing due to spacing, different atmosphere poor condition to fight and bones is counting on that? WOW? Some1 stop the fight b4 it accrues. Greg jacksons Gona get Jon jones killed.
  5. lilfel

    Who is the LHW GOAT?

    And still the ufc lightheavyweight champion of the world Mauricio shogun rua.
  6. Yes he is, shogun should be top 3 with Anderson and gsp, Aldo and Edgar? Really? Should not be ahead of him? Hopefully after jones *** whopping, they fix it.
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