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    So Bravo? Cracker is ok!...But beaner isn't?
  2. WVU0507


    I hope my new avatar is considered customer friendly. Also please explain....Why is it when a white person uses a slang term to describe another race it's considered racism.....Yet when another race uses a slang term to describe a white person it's not looked bad upon? Thanks.
  3. Anyway im done with this debate cause I got **** to do. And if your banning me for multiple accounts then you should know how many I actually have Bill Clinton Black House Wvu0507 Irish Carbomb The Professor Early Cuyler GodofSin SubZero Have a good day gentlemen!
  4. That was predictible for you to say. But I also figured you would throw up a percentage regarding what percent of canadian troops were there as opposed to American. anyway here is my answer to it. America has pretty much set up shop at mass capacity that they can in every country around the world. As for the 800,000+ that are on American soil it's because there is nowhere else to send them. When you send 15,000 people to a foreign land that you're not in conflict with you cant justify sending more. However when canada sends 3 people and says they have a presence there. Thats unacceptable. It's like there saying we don't care. Let America deal with it and we will give you these couple of people to do whatever you want with.
  5. South Korea ? 27' date='014[2'] Japan ? 32,803[2] Philippines - 95[2] Diego Garcia - 311 Jakarta, Indonesia - 27 Singapore ? 125[2] Thailand ? 96[2] Malaysia - 15[2] [edit] Oceania Australia - 140[2] Marshall Islands - 17[2] New Zealand - 5[2] [edit] Europe US military bases in Germany in 2009.Germany ? 57,080[2] Souda Bay, Greece - 386 Italy ? 9,855[2] United Kingdom ? 9,825[2] Spain ? 1,286[2] Norway - 81[2] Sweden - 12[2] Belgium ? 1,328[2] Portugal ? 826[2] Netherlands ? 579[2] Greece ? 363[2] Greenland - 126[2] Poland - 100 [edit] Middle East Turkey ? 1,594[2] Qatar ? 411[2] Bahrain ? 1,495[2] Kuwait - 10,548 Oman - 36[2] United Arab Emirates - 96[2] [edit] Western Hemisphere Antigua - 2[2] Colombia - 123[2] Saint Helena - 3 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ? 932[2] Ecuador - 36[2] Netherlands Antilles - 10 [edit] United States There are 1,084,548[2] troops on active duty in the United States and its territories: The contiguous United States ? 882,201[2] Transients ? 52,527[2] Hawaii ? 34,838[2] Guam ? 2,836[2] Puerto Rico - 137[2] Alaska ? 19,408[2]
  6. Will you shut the **** up already! I work with special needs adults and kids for a living I don't need to interact with one on my ****ing off time. I get it, you know MMA, big ****ing deal...I don't care that you jack off to MMA web sites all day long and your life revolves around it. I DO NOT ****ING CARE ABOUT YOU SO SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!
  7. See now your just being a d0uchebag and turning it back to me laughing at your service members when in reality im laughing at the fact that your country sends a couple people to a foreign land and tries to pawn it off as being involved...Thanks for the 2 man support canada.
  8. Bull ****....Check the link I just put up that shows their presence...Its ****ing embarassing
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