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  1. truth hurts huh? that "spam" he keeps posting is one of the more informative interesting pieces of info offered on the topic. TBH its no more repetative than the garbage you and other machida fans keep posting.
  2. apparently machida fans along with cecil peoples think the rest of the mma world is blind, def and retarded. really they are insulting the intelligence of the rest of the mma world..its appalling. when 90% of mma fans are saying something different, dont u think its time to step back take a good look and just admit he made a mistake? his explaination for why he scored the match the way he did is laughable IMO.
  3. WOW, Cecil Peoples is an absolute moron. he absolutly does not belong in a judges seat at any mma event anywhere. this just proves to me that Cecil himself doesnt understand how to score a fight..then he has the nerv to say mma fans dont understand...simply shocking..
  4. even the fight statistics show that shogun should have won.
  5. what are u the local doper? why dont u go smoke another joint and play hero with someone else. you dont even know what i was refering to, now did ya there mouthpiece?
  6. even dana white thinks shogun won the fight!!!
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