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  1. Martino231

    Maynard VS Beerbohm

    I've had a slight dislike for Lyle Beerbohm ever since he lost me money on an accumulator by deciding that it would be a good idea to take Shinya Aoki down when he had a clear advantage in the stand up. I think Maynard is stronger than Beerbohm in all areas.
  2. If they're not actively looking like they're gonna pass guard or create some distance to land some meaningful strikes, then separate them. Landing a bunch of short, meaningless punches from your opponents closed guard doesn't count as working.
  3. I agree that TUF 9 was constructed in such a way to ensure that the British guys would excel. However, when you say that the competition was rigged, you're implying that Damarques threw the final bout, which I'm pretty sure wasn't the case. TUF 9 may have been a weak season, but Wilks' domination of DJ in the final was something that few people have been able to replicate when fighting Damarques. James Wilks didn't make the waves in the UFC some thought he may, but it's certainly sad to see his career cut short due to injury.
  4. Terrible example. Fitch vs Alves 2 was a terrible fight and about as boring as Fitch has ever been. But because Fitch made an effort to go for a RNC in the last 30 seconds of the fight, that suddenly makes it a good fight?
  5. He can learn how to quit in 3 minutes and 25 seconds instead.
  6. I used to like SDR in Strikeforce but I lost a lot of respect for him when he signed to do Supremacy MMA. This got announced like 4 months ago. Also, what the hell do you mean by "he knocked out Lavar Johnson and won by armbar"? He didn't hurt Johnson at all in the stand up in that fight - he just took him down at the end of the round, then mounted him and swung round for an armbar.
  7. I once had an argument with someone on this forum because he was telling me he could beat Bisping in a fight if he wanted to. This guy had never trained in MMA and was basing this on having wrestled in high school.
  8. Palhares took Belcher to the ground with the intention of submitting him. Not only was Belcher able to dominate him in terms of positional control (despite starting off on his back with Palhares on top of him) but he was able to completely reverse the situation and finish Palhares off with his ground and pound.
  9. You may have scored the fight for Frankie but the rest of the MMA community did not and have no interest in seeing him get a rematch. Now on top of that, HE gets injured and makes the champion wait for him so that he can have his fight that no one wants to see. Now we've got Nate who in the fans eyes is fully deserving of the title shot but has to wait until at least December because the said fight that no one wants to see between the champion and the guy who doesn't deserve a rematch has now been delayed because Frankie got hurt. Seriously, how many instances can you name where a challenger gets hurt this far before the fight and they make the Champion wait until he's better?
  10. Yeah that's my opinion on the matter too. In an ideal world I'd like to see Bendo fight Nate and then have Frankie fight Pettis to determine the next number one contender, although I suspect that Frankie won't stand for that.
  11. There were a couple of reasons he was rated so highly. 1. He destroyed most of his opponents in devastating fashion. 2. He didn't look bad in either of his losses. Looked good against Hendo and suffered a pretty unlucky loss at the hands of Nate Marquardt (being knocked out while looking at the ref). I actually picked Belcher to beat him, although I actually thought Belcher would be able to keep the fight standing and outstrike him en route to a UD. Didn't expect the ground destruction that ensued.
  12. I know that the fight between Bendo and Edgar was supposedly verbally agreed a while ago, but with Edgar's recent injury accompanied by Nate Diaz's surge to the top, things have become a bit more complicated. At the moment it seems like Bendo vs Edgar is still scheduled to go ahead but the injury means that the fight will be pushed back which would therefore allow time for Henderson to fight Diaz first. Question is, which fight would you rather see?
  13. Scrap Bendo vs Frankie and make Bendo vs Diaz.
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