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  1. I wouldn't trade them. They are still both some of the top scorers in the league. Oh and Both of them dive...Henrik does it more but they both do it. Burrows does it too. Lapierre as well but Maxim is the ringmaster of diving in Vancouver..He learned the art of diving and faking injuries over in Montreal and then brought that diving wisdom to Vancouver and spread the knowledge throughout the team. Anyway....if you are Vancouver don't trade the Sedins...sign Bieksa back and give Cory Schneider more starts because lets face it....Luongo is an average goaltender now. He isn't the same goalie that he was in Florida and with the Isles. Schneider is a Boston College boy give him some more starts.
  2. First and Foremost....Great series with the Canucks. They didn't really play well all series. Their PP looked like our PP. Roberto Luongo played up to his average self. Shouldn't have questioned Timmy's goal tending when clearly Thomas is the better goalie. Anyway, the Canucks gave up towards the end of that game...just like when they gave up during games 3, 4 and 6. Boston wore them down with physical play, solid defense and ridiculous goaltending. We intimidated the Sedin sisters all series long. We beat up Kesler and Burrows and apparently that was the answer to beating the 2011 President Trophy winners. The Bruins played Big Bad Bruins hockey and that's why we are Champs. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, they are still trying to clean the mess. I love how these people decide to light everything on fire, smash windows, flip cars, stab people, steal and vandalize their own city. Talk about sore losers. Why did this place host the Olympics? No offense to you guys that live there but have some class....and i don't mean that towards you guys...i'm obviously talking about the criminals. Also, how stupid is the city for letting everyone gather for a block party outside. Obviously its going to end bad...1994 anyone? Canucks fans can't contain themselves apparently. The funny thing too is they let all these people drink. Who is in charge up there because someone needs to lose their job...talk about piss poor planning. If i were from Vancouver i'd be pretty embarrassed. I feel bad for some of you guys because now your city has a bad rap. But oh well what can ya do right....at least its not my city. Nope we are classy over here....we won the cup and only 7 people got arrested...no one injured. Anyway.....good series guys. Better luck next year. P.S - I am going to enjoy the parade on saturday
  3. I call it a lucky break because the play should have very well been blown offsides....but the refs didn't call it. No biggie....we see that stuff all the time. I think we matched up well with Vancouver...we made their super Power Play look Anemic. We pushed em around and skated with em. The only thing the B's did wrong is they didn't wear their bite proof gloves. Oh well though...we will get em back tonight.
  4. This thread needs some Bruins love. I stopped by on a random visit and saw this thread bumped to the top. GO B'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vancouver caught a lucky break in game 1. But hey it happens. We have come from behind in 2 different series' already. Game 2 will be different. What a game 1 though. Intense from start to finish. Both teams want it. Both are hungry. Makes for a great series.
  5. There is a simple solution to all this TSA garbage.....ready? Ready for this.............. .........Drive!
  6. Used to watch it a lot...Not so much anymore...Its trash really.
  7. We need to just let the Koreans blow each other up and stay the **** out of it....plain and simple. Let them shoot each other and sink each others ships...We just need to keep our fingers out of it.
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