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  1. UFC tweeted it's not going to be aired live unfortunately but there gonna tweet highlights and post the archive soon.
  2. Duckzee

    The UFC Hall of Fame

    BJ Penn - the greatest lightweight of all time who beat the number #1 welterweight back then.
  3. yeah when ever bj fights, i'm always on the balls of my feet. and thats why this is the best sport in the world
  4. Thanks, Is this confirmed somewhere?
  5. In canada i got 28 for fox AMW and NASCARS on there.
  6. Duckzee

    MMA signiture moves

    I'm in mad love with Nick Diaz's Body Punches lol
  7. Tapout deserves to be in there because they were the main sponsors of the UFC and helped them grow through adversity. Just ask Dana. Wtf does a fan like you know about what they have done?
  8. He's been taught by the gracies jiu jitsu. he's probably the average black belt that cant teach
  9. I feel that UFC is gonna slow down as soon as this generation's fighters retire (GSP, Anderson, BJ) The newer fighters are generic wrestlers with no uniqueness. But you gotta enjoy it while it lasts
  10. Hendo caught him in the right spot and Fedor was didnt even know it was coming. Anyone can be knocked out.
  11. Yeah they have jobs and use their spare time for training. Some of them have degrees eg Rich Franklin Chuck, Once they get really successful training is their full time. Sometimes they sleep in the gym if they're really struggling though.
  12. Best: BJ Knocking out Matt in 23 seconds Worst: BJ losing both times.
  13. bj penn. the whole aura about him, i mean, he is a legend.
  14. I've heard that it hardens your nails i would hate to have some skin hanging out of my toe while im in a fight lol
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