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  1. from mmaweekly.com As UFC 129 fast approaches, most eyes will be on the two main event title fights that head the card. One of which will be the first appearance of featherweight champion Jose Aldo defending his belt against Mark Hominick. One person, who will be sitting cageside with his eyes locked on that fight, will be current top 145-pound contender Chad Mendes. The undefeated Team Alpha Male fighter blew through former Sengoku and Dream fighter Michihiro Omigawa in his last bout, and now has every intention of challenging the winner of Aldo and Hominick. ?I can tell you Chad will be sitting ringside in Toronto watching Aldo and Hominick fight, and he has all the hopes in the world that the winner of that will be his next fight. I believe he deserves it, I believe he?s ready for it, and I think it?s his time,? Mendes? manager, Mike Roberts from MMA Inc., told MMAWeekly Radio recently. ?He?ll be sitting front and center hoping to get that shot.? The UFC hasn?t officially declared Mendes the top contender, but all the puzzle pieces fit for the one-time college wrestling standout to challenge the winner of the upcoming featherweight title fight. Mendes has rolled through all of the top competition in the division that he?s faced, en route to a 10-0 record. His manager even believes if the timing had worked out, he would be the one facing Aldo in just a couple of weeks. ?I believe he should have got the shot before Hominick, but just timing of Chad?s last fight and this one, I fully understand why they had to book Hominick for the fight,? said Roberts. ?That being said, in our opinion, that automatically qualifies Chad as the number one contender.? Mendes is up for facing either Aldo or Hominick next, and has even said in the past that he?d be open to facing Aldo in his native Brazil at the UFC Rio event in August if that?s what the promotion wanted. Even with names like Kenny Florian, Tyson Griffin, and others dropping down to the featherweight division, Mendes and his team believe he?s the deserving person for a shot at the belt, and the others should have to work their way up, the same way Mendes did. ?I know some other fighters they?re saying maybe they should get it, but what they?ve done in other weight divisions doesn?t matter,? Roberts commented. ?What matters is what you?ve accomplished in that weight division, and Chad?s undefeated, he?s never lost a round, and we believe he?s ready.? Mendes has been out of action since his win in February and will be sitting front row at UFC 129 with a very special interest in the co-main event of the evening.
  2. So did anyone watch Prime time last night. If you missed it you can find it on youtube So what are your thoughts? Both GSP and Jake are training hard. Both respect each other but are looking to defeat each other. I like how Firas Zahabi said that "When you are a champion everyone is watching you and they can eventually figure out your game. That's why you have to evolve. And that is why George is always learning and training". Another comment i liked is when GSP's BJJ coach said that Just cause two guys are BJJ black belts doesn't mean they both have the same skill. one could be better than the other. And they showed Strikeforce footage of last weekends event of both the Melendez and Diaz vs Daley.
  3. from mmaweekly.com When the news broke on Wednesday that the UFC had booked Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami for UFC Rio in August, everyone wondered what happened to the potential super fight between Silva and current UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. All of the roads seemed to be leading to a blockbuster match-up between the two fighters that occupy just about everyone?s slots as the No. 1 and No. 2 fighters among the pound-for-pound best in the sport. After Silva?s first-round knockout of Vitor Belfort in February, all eyes were focused on St-Pierre?s title defense against Jake Shields on April 30 at UFC 129. Now Silva will defend his belt against Okami in August, but that doesn?t mean a Silva/GSP super fight couldn?t happen down the road. According to Silva?s manager, Ed Soares, the Brazilian champion wanted to stay active and defend his belt, and was concerned the timeline for a St-Pierre fight may have put him on the sidelines for too long. ?I don?t think it?s anything about switching gears,? Soares answered when asked why the UFC opted to go with Silva vs. Okami instead of Silva vs. GSP. ?Whether GSP wins or loses or whatever happens to GSP, the show must go on. There?s what seven champions? They?ve got to stay busy. That?s the first thing. ?The second thing is GSP has mentioned that he?s going to have to put weight on. So even if he fought the end of April, it?s not like he?s going to be able to fight in at least six months, seven months; he?s going to have to put weight on.? Understanding that Silva?s end goal for his career is to retire as an undefeated UFC fighter, with more title defenses than anyone could possibly catch up to, a bout with St-Pierre still fits the bill as one of the biggest fights ever. St-Pierre has waffled a bit as far as his desire to go up to 185 pounds, the Canadian doesn?t even want to entertain the idea until he faces Jake Shields at UFC 129. For now, he won?t have to field as many questions about facing Anderson Silva, but that doesn?t mean the fight won?t happen down the road. ?I think that?s still a potential,? Soares told MMAWeekly Radio about the super fight. ?That?s still a huge potential.?
  4. from mmafighting.com Speaking publicly for the first time since his California state athletic commission testimony last December, UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour that he considered his UFC contract unfrozen and was looking forward to getting back in the cage as soon as possible. A return to action will not come, however, until Sonnen steps before the Nevada state athletic commission again. During CSAC testimony last December, Sonnen told commissioners that he had cleared his testosterone replacement therapy use in Nevada with its athletic commission executive direction Keith Kizer. Kizer, however, disputed that. The sides met recently and Sonnen voiced a hope that a second meeting would give more clarity to his situation. Saying he incorrectly phrased his testimony, Sonnen took blame for the mistake and anticipated the opportunity to allay the concerns of the influential Nevada commission. "All the frustration and all of the blame is on me," he said. "I'm the one that chose my words. I'm the one that said when I was in California, I represented to them that I had a conversation with Kizer and he approved my medicine use. That is not correct. Those are the wrong words. My manager had the conversation. I relied on information my manager gave me. So director Kizer is absolutely correct. He's correct to be frustrated. I chose the words. It comes to me. Now, I wasn't attempting to mislead anybody, but they're my words all the same, so I should have to answer to Kizer." Sonnen said the conversation in question took place in 2008 between Kizer and his manager, and that Kizer "remembered something along those lines" but "not quite the way it was relayed" to him. Sonnen said that as a result, he has parted ways with a longtime manager and in the future will personally contact commissions instead of relying on a manager to do it for him. Fighters in Nevada are by commission rules forced to reapply for licenses on Jan. 1, so Sonnen is not unique in going through re-licensing, but due to his PED suspension in California and the statements about Nevada, his process will require extra steps. Sonnen said he hopes to meet with state officials as early as this Friday. Kizer on Monday told MMA Fighting that Sonnen was more likely to be added to the commission's April 27 meeting. "I need to clear the air with him and more importantly, I need to clear it on the record," he said. "My takeaway from the meeting with Kizer was not 'We don't want to work with you again.' It was simply, 'There's been some mistakes. Our reservation is you're going to repeat them.' That's not going to happen, but what he wants to do is give me an opportunity to speak on the record so that we can get everything recorded and written down and make sure we don't do those things again. If i was in Kizer's shoes, I wouldn't demand anything less." Describing the incident as "embarrassing," Sonnen said he is looking forward to the chance to speak with Kizer again, clearing the air, accepting his share of the blame and finally getting a resolution. As to who he might face in his return, the Oregonian said he had heard rumors about a potential coaching TUF coach slot opposite Michael Bisping, but had not had any contact with the UFC about it. Moving off the serious topics that have been the focus of his life over the last few months, Sonnen came to life when asked about what might be in his fighting future. "I called them up and said, 'Give me the worst guy you've got under contract,'" he said. "They said, 'Chael, Wanderlei [silva] won't fight you.' I said, 'Alright. Give me the second worst guy you've got under contract?' They said, 'Chael, how many times do we have to tell you: [Mirko] Cro Cop's a heavyweight.' I said, 'Alright, is there anybody available? How about Bisping? Is his dance card open? And then they said that might be a possibility. So that's where we left off. But that's just not my focus. My focus is making things right with director Kizer." Last week, Sonnen put his legal case behind him, accepting a penalty of two years' probation, a $10,000 fine and the revocation of his realtor's license in a federal money laundering charge. Without elaborating on the case, Sonnen called the transaction issues that led to the charge a "quirk" in real estate law and said he didn't make a dime in the alleged fraud, but that he would live with the penalty. "I was a real estate professional. I had a license. That means whether I knew or didn't know, I should've known," he said. "Listen, this is what men do. We take responsibility for our irresponsibilities, and that's what I did."
  5. from mmafighting.com For 30 minutes, Chael Sonnen spoke solemnly, seriously about the suspended state of his career and his attempts to revive it. But when the topic switched to the current state of MMA, Sonnen seemingly flipped a switch and became the soundbyte machine we've come to expect. Appearing on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, the UFC middleweight took aim at the weight division directly above his. While praising the recently crowned UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones, he blasted the rest of the weight class' contenders for what he sees as their unwillingness to face him. "He brings more to the table than just being the world champion," he told host Ariel Helwani. "He brings integrity, he brings class, he's good for the industry and he's good for the sport. And most importantly, you need to do what's good for sport. I get real frustrated with these guys who are just in it for themselves. "But listen, Ariel, Jon Jones is not the hot topic of 205 pounds," he continued. "The hot topic that everybody should be talking about is that he's been the champion for three weeks and not one coward at 205 has challenged him. Not one guy has called him out and said, 'I want to fight that guy.' If you're all scared of a 23-year-old kid, turn your gloves in, sign your pink slip and show yourself the door." Sonnen further railed that even the man that will fight Jones, former champ Rashad Evans, showed hesitance about facing Jones. Evans and Jones at one time said they would not fight each other, citing their bond as teammates on the Greg Jackson fight team, but have since agreed to the bout. Sonnen said many mixed martial artists get caught up on the word "fight" when it should be stripped down to competition, the same as the type that college wrestlers face when jockeying for the starter's spot on a collegiate roster. "The one guy they say gets to fight him comes out and says, 'I don't want to fight him.'" he said. "If you don't want to fight him, go. This is a business to become champion. All these guys want to tell everyone they're in the UFC, but they don't want to have to carry the heavy water. Challenge Jon Jones if you're at 205. But what do you expect from a weight class that allowed a karate guy [Lyoto Machida] to be champion." Asked if he would fight Jones, he said, "I will fight any man God ever made, period." Though Sonnen hopes to one day rematch Anderson Silva for another shot at the UFC middleweight championship, it's likely he has some work ahead of him before getting that opportunity. Among the obstacles in the way is re-licensing in Nevada, and he would likely have at least one match before being thrust into a title fight. By then, it's very possible that we could be preparing to see the long-awaited superfight between Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Sonnen says St. Pierre will need a title shot in the weight class, as he expects Jake Shields to dethrone the long-reigning champ. Sonnen recently spent a week in California training with Shields and Team Cesar Gracie, and came away amazed at Shields' intense work ethic. "GSP is going to need the shot," he said. "GSP is going to lose his welterweight championship in T-minus 20 days to Jake Shields. So I hope GSP does get the shot. It's going to be the only way he'll get a championship, because he's not going to have one after Jake Shields is in that weight."
  6. Paul Daley has very little to be ashamed of after his performance on Saturday night that saw him seconds away from claiming the Strikeforce welterweight title from Nick Diaz. The British fighter hurt Diaz midway through their brief fight, and looked like he might finish him with strikes on the ground, but the savvy champion was able to recover and bounce back for the win. The stoppage of the fight came under some scrutiny as Diaz tagged Daley with a few solid shots on the ground, but with just 3 seconds on the clock, many wondered if the fight couldn?t have continued. Now that he?s had the chance to go back and watch the fight, Daley understands where the stoppage came from and he?ll just be haunted by what could have been if his performance had just gone a little differently. ?Just watched over the Diaz fight again, and can see I am rocked early on by a right hook to the temple, I?m spending the rest of the fight, fighting on guts and instinct until the 2nd knock down, Diaz face plant,? Daley wrote on Monday on his Facebook page. ?Like I said lost composure and was swinging for the fences, but now I see why. ?Only if?s? will haunt me for a while. But what?s done is done.? Daley deserves a lot of praise for his performance and after dropping Diaz with a big shot during the first round, it probably wouldn?t take much for him to earn another chance to face the champion in the future. After a very busy start to 2011 for Daley and Diaz, both fighters are likely to take some much needed time off and return during the summer months. Daley has already returned home to England where he will rest and recover, and wait for his chance at redemption in Strikeforce.
  7. Nick and Paul meet up and congratulate each other for a fight well fought
  8. LOL God hears everyone's thoughts. He is Omnipresent
  9. When he fights guys that are not strikers he stands but because he's fighting Hardy he feels he has to take him to the ground. I believe Johnson has more KO Power and he should've tried to knock him out in rounds 2 and 3. I guess a year and a half off messed him up. Hardy on the other hand needs to work more on Take down defense.
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