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  1. GoToGuy

    Conor vs Usman lulwut

    Connor wouldn't make it 5 rounds on the ground with Usman.
  2. Silva: Hendo Vitor Franklin Franklin vs GSP: BJ Penn Bisping Hughes Hughes Idk, all pretty impressive victories. I Still give the nudge to GSP for moving up and beating the MW champ after a 4 year lay off and never pissing hot, ever.
  3. GSP and MM win the goat discussion by default for never pissing hot. If you cheat, you're automatically disqualified from goat talk and I have GSP slightly above MM. Andy, whom I love, and Jones might be more talented, but they're also a couple of cheaters.
  4. Walt's standup looked good but man he needs to work on his ground game. He looked like he had no answer whatsoever for anything.
  5. Also agree with Reyes. I do think JJ's fight was one of the few fights where it really could have gone either way. In those cases, it usually goes to the current champ. So it really shouldn't be much of a surprise that she didn't get the nod. She would have if she was the belt holder.
  6. I'd say 1-1 but Edson got controlled for to long in the third so he lost the third, imo. Or he didn't steal the second.
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