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  1. It was due to injury but it doesn't count if it's for a sore vagina. Get him some Midol. Strip that can.
  2. He punched him on the crack of his skull and it caused him whiplash in the broken part of his neck?
  3. Called out Jake Paul. 30 million, winner takes all. Jake Paul running for his life. He will not fight Vitor unless he plans to die.
  4. Interviewing both at the same time? That's a new one.
  5. So basically, he's admitting he's a coward.
  6. Stipe seems like a cool guy but he is acting like a moronic diva. He got ktfo by DC and got a instant rematch. Then got ktfo again by Francis and wants another instant title shot? **** is he thinking? Saying he wants to leave sounds like he's been hanging out with Jon Jones. There is also an interim fight already booked without him in it. The winner of that fight gets Francis next. He needs to chill.
  7. Jones got off easy and broke his toe against Chael.
  8. I had it 2-2 going into the 5th. With Colby winning the 5th until he got caught.
  9. This. Joe Rogan has a really bad habit of doing this. He called McGregor the greatest FW of all time when he had zero defenses. Joe needs to chill with the pole riding after one fight.
  10. So, Ryan Hall actually found a fight?
  11. Did DW even tell us why it's an interim title? Feels to soon.
  12. Just watched it. Hard to believe Anderson is 47. Can't find to much on the Chavez Sr. fight with Camacho. Just that they put on a show and tried to take off their head gear. Who won?
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