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  1. https://www.sportekz.com/mma/ufc-vegas-11-salaries-purse-payouts/ I guess she forgot the 18k guaranteed pay she got, which was the third from the highest on the undercard, her 18k win bonus, which was the highest on the entire undercard, and the 4k sponsorship money she got. She banked 40k, 4th highest on the under card out of 16 people total, plus anything under the table/we don't know about. She needs to chill.
  2. LOL, tapping due to a sore vagina, err I mean rib?
  3. Well, that was actually satisfying to see WoodCan get ripped up.
  4. Majority draw! Price: OMG, yeaaaaahhhhh.
  5. Ya, but due to the eye pokes the first round is going to be a 9-9 round.
  6. Feels pretty hard to justify given Waterson lost two fights prior to this. However, Valentina is pretty short on victims, errr, opponents, so she could get it, maybe. Who else is there?
  7. Guess I was right. Good fight though. It was close enough, could have been anyone's fight.
  8. Well, one good thing about this grappling is that we can all appreciate Waterson's juicy ****.
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