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  1. Just watched it. Hard to believe Anderson is 47. Can't find to much on the Chavez Sr. fight with Camacho. Just that they put on a show and tried to take off their head gear. Who won?
  2. Diaz acted like a retard. He got what he deserved. He's still is and always has been a bum. You'd think people would get use to him sucking after his 13 loses.
  3. Why is this fight 5 rounds? Cause it's a title eliminator according to Dana?
  4. I hope not. Nate is a bum. He is destined to lose.
  5. Maia just needs to realize he is 400 years old and needs to retire.
  6. For real. Ref was just watching his arm flap in the wind like a piece of rubber.
  7. ^ Is it me or does she have two long "scratch marks" down the right side of her stomach near her hip?
  8. I'd say Yair already got blessed by simply landing this fight.
  9. Ya, Chim has to go without a win for 10 years just like Diaz has. Didn't you know?
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