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  1. Oh yeah! I should read posts properly..cheers!
  2. Hope George wins his next and earns a shot at the title.I think he will give anybody in the 155's a tough fight.
  3. Carwin the best boxer in the heavyweight division?WTF are you talk'n about.Yeah he punches hard but he aint the best.
  4. Looks like you just became champ already.No fun for you.
  5. Here's a ranking system 50 posts-Kindergarten Scrapper 100-Schoolyard Bully 200-Highschool Thug 300-Streetfighter 400-Respected Streetfighter 500-Ameteur Mixed Martial Artist 800-Pro Mixed Martial Artist 1500-UFC fighter 3000-UFC Title Contender 5000-UFC Interim Champion 7500-UFC Undisputed Champion 10000-UFC Hall of Famer 20000- G.O.A.T
  6. Arianny probably makes a **** load more than alot of the fighters for showing of her sweet little ****. That doesn't mean I wan't them to get rid of her though.
  7. Although he is one of my favourite 2 fighters I'd say it'll be tough to retain the title in such a talented weight class. Just hope he hangs on to it and sets a few records.
  8. I don't know which witch will outweigh the other witch. Mommy says GSP will win again against any witch.
  9. Makaba

    Upcoming Upsets

    Your 'Mommy does' alot of things for a bit of crack and small change.
  10. Vera, Shogun,Manhoef,Cro Cop,Alves, Hardonk,Aldo,
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