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  1. hahaha maybe you could do a Anderson Silva Saturday night fever style one?
  2. he wont strip him of the title and get a new deal if he wants one
  3. didnt we have a sig bet u never kept ur word on? you cant seriously think bones is gonna get a title shot this year do you?
  4. GSP said in the post fight confrence he tried too break his arm and win the fight
  5. Al Turk needs too be added too the list
  6. haha, or let him earn the winner of the nelson/struve fight by making him fight Al Turk haha
  7. I think this will be a great fight, im gonna go with the champ, not the make believe champ very impressed with carwins punching power, but i think mir thought he'd won the match before he even went out there and thought he was facing lesnar again, but u said carwin by savage 1st rd KO and that was right, just looking forward too the fight no matter who wins really
  8. BeerMonsterOwen

    GSP Boring

    I thought the 1st round was very fight exciting, the rest of the fight seemed too get a little stale for me, GSP was just too much for Hardy with his takedowns, thats the bottom line really. I wanted Hardy too win and im gutted he didnt but he gained alot more fans tonite than gsp is have to say. Hardly will be back, and hopefully gsp will move up where the competition will be able too defend the takedowns abit better
  9. that arm bar was close fair play to hardy for not tapping
  10. Id like too see JDS KO Mir, but i'd rather watch Cain and JDS maybe Mir can face the loser of Cain and JDS
  11. Mir always has this arrogant look on his face all this **** mir said about numbers on weights make him stronger, u cant get strong like carwin and lesnar in 6 months haha
  12. BeerMonsterOwen

    War hardy

    C'mon Dan Hardy!!!!
  13. maybe dan thinks Mir is a prick aswell
  14. Lesnar looked HUGE looking forward too lesnar and carwin now
  15. HAHAHA @ mir where's all his nut huggers now?
  16. this has got to be a number 1 contenders match to face the winner of lesnar vs mir/carwin c'mon ufc give the fans what they want
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