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  1. He's #8, so a win over him could set you up nicely for either a title shot or a number one contender fight
  2. Agreeing to be gayer to arouse another man? That's extra gay
  3. Brazilian judges suck, as do the crowds, and the fighters get paid less. But they are a cash cow, so don't expect anything to change. But the obvious answer to taking it out of the judge's hands is to finish, which he just cannot do
  4. Well that's just a little bit weird... I can't ever see why someone would do that
  5. jduk

    Really Cung Li?!

    I don't know, because your picture doesn't work
  6. jduk

    RIP J-Boy

    I was never good on a board, but I loved it all the same. Scars all over. Listening the Deftones right now. Damn I miss being a teenager
  7. jduk

    2009 So Fine

    Wouldn't say no to a blowy
  8. The Co-main is much more interesting than the main event. But still not even the most interesting fight Maynard looks on the way out, Pearson looks like he could crack top 5 soon if he finishes Bader or OSP will never amount to anything
  9. She looks like she's just a severe allergic reaction bro, she's all yours
  10. This proves two things. 1. Dog the bounty hunter is a fat old man who should stick to chasing meth heads who skipped bail 2. War Machine is full of ****, he has a lot of tweets saying he would effectively end up committing suicide by cop after 'taking a lot of people with him' He's going to end up with a footwide gape soon enough. Stupid ****
  11. jduk

    Michael Bisping Update

    You look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you fight good, if you fight good then they pay good
  12. My dad could not only beat up his dad, but my dad could **** his dad, and his dad would like it
  13. jduk

    2009 So Fine

    she has decent cans though, he must have paid for that photo
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