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  1. Forgot to choose the underage ginger ale LMAO.
  2. Shields vs Munoz Herman vs Leben Cerrone vs Pettis Guillard vs Guida Holloway vs Siver/Mendes Lawrence vs McKenzie or Phan
  3. He should, that muscle mass can be lost pretty easily. He's really fast, good wrestling, amazing blitzing power than most WW's cant handle, and real good Judo. Lombard to WW is imo the best bet
  4. Randizzle_KO

    what the?

    I think he has mange
  5. Lmao damn, I still remember that. Wonder how a duo w/ him and Goldie would go
  6. I'm guessing it's shoving his fingers in Sonnen's throat to make him gag
  7. http://www.bjpenn.com/mmanews/2012/07/06/video-seagal-says-he-taught-anderson-silva-two-or-three-things-that-we-once-thought-were-illegal-ufc-news-31315.html He strikes again, Sensei Seagull on teaching Silva techniques that we all thought were illegal.
  8. Agreed, I have no doubts that the card as a whole will be exciting
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