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  1. Nate's weak pawing/slap boxing is so boring to watch. He certainly doesn't have the power to KO anyone with a decent chin. I'm so sick of hearing how great his boxing it. It's flat out sloppy. Not knocking his ground game. It's great. But most of his submissions seem to come after someone pops him and jumps on top of him. There's a reason he's good off his back... he gets plenty of practice. :-) Nick's boxing is just as ugly, but at least he has some power.
  2. Easily my favorite: Scott Smith vs Cung Le or Scott Smith vs Pete Sell
  3. Wow, with all this Machida/Rua hoopla, it's overshadowed the normal Fedor nuthugging that goes on here. Maybe we could get a few more "Who would win between Brock and Fedor" threads to go with the 500+ Dragon/Shogun threads. While we're at it, could I get a few more "Why I like/dislike Brock" threads going too? That aside, anyone think Rogers has a chance in hell against Fedor?
  4. Agreed. We took a step further and talked the owner of a local bar into getting all the fights. I walk across the street for the fights now.
  5. I knew it! That Skeletal Metal crap looks nothing like what's on this X-ray. It MUST be a fraud! ;-)
  6. L2grammar for god's sake. Also, whoever stated that Enter Sandman is a "classic", I must completely disagree. The Black Album was the start of the downfall for Selloutica. And the best entrance theme on the list was (as much as I can't stand him) Diego Sanchez's "Killing Fields" by Slayer. Some of the lyrics are fitting to him: "A sociopath with empty eyes and no soul. Paranoid psychotic heart of stone my blood runs cold." or "On the edge of a Demented personality"
  7. When are you (mod edit) going to stop posting this same thread??? It's over. Fedor isn't coming to UFC. And L2read. There are 15 of these same posts already.
  8. In their prime? Lil Evil. There are quite a few people I'd like to see him face now... if he was in his prime.
  9. By far, the first name that pops into my head is: Ken-Flo (that is lame and lazy as ****) J-Lau is just as bad. Da Spyder is just stupid and trying to be hard. It's ghetto. Barn Cat is just lame. The Carpenter is boring. Hunting Beach Bad Boy... how original. The Athlete The Talent The Maine-iac... you're from Maine. So?! Retarded in my opinion.
  10. As with the Lesnar/Fedor post above... what rock did you crawl from under? This has been talked about for months. Not to mention, Silva said he won't fight Machida.
  11. Dude, seriously, what rock did you crawl out form under? This discussion has been going on for months. And for God's sake, spell his name right: Lesnar.
  12. You could have read the post right before this one and saved yourself time and money. Or... you could google and probably find the fight for free.
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