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  1. Yes, I’m the same. Was going to ditch BT Sport in the new year but now I can’t wait for 2019!!!! Get in Dana and BT Sports
  2. We have it live for free in the uk ? woods is gonna smash that cak-handed Mickelson ?
  3. So Weidman has to wait until summer next year for a shot if he beats jacare! Happy for kelvin though!
  4. Jacare is to face Weidman now at UfC230
  5. That was uncomfortable to watch! Connor is so wound up it’s unbelievable! Khabib is so relaxed and calm it’s scary! October 6th is going to be awesome!
  6. Why not make weight a week before , then stay at fight weight! Not making weight is fudging ridiculous!!!!!!
  7. Rob keeps belt if loses but roidmero will be no1 if he can make weight!
  8. Rumble weight champion of the wirrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllld
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