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  1. Forums been **** for years. I used to come here for legit Mma news which id find in seconds. You gotta scroll through about 12 pages before you find any legit news nowadays
  2. Pettis reached can level about 2 years ago. I'm pretty sure he's allergic to top 10 guys
  3. And the 225 champion is a can who beat that happy warrior chick (who can't fight) for the belt. Might as well just give the belt to Shevchecko
  4. Heavyweight is fine. Stipe has just run out of heavyweights to beat up so he's getting started on the fat 205ers
  5. He must have had the worst roids in history
  6. Why aren't they? Seems logical This looked like an awesome card last week. Now it looks like poop. **** you Tony Ferguson and you're gay **** sunglasses. War raging Al
  7. Havnt caught up with the ufc news for a few hours. What the **** is going on
  8. So what you're saying is Rockhold would have won... If he didn't get KTFO. GTFO
  9. Can't blame fox to be honest. If they get more viewers with wrestling they can't argue.
  10. If I had a gun I'd likely know how to use it. So probably would. No way if I didn't
  11. Who wants him to be good. He a tool. He's a convict. He just wants to bang. The UFC should just let him bang Bro.
  12. We both know whoever fights Diaz next is getting either a main or Co main slot and lot more wonga.
  13. Lol at all the thirsty lightweights who want some of that nate Diaz money. I like Kevin Lee but the trash talk is awful. He's like Woodley but he, at least gets it done in the cage.
  14. I don't believe it. I'm in the final year of Architecture and have spoken specialists who think 20 stories is the limit. Obviously steel framed and some kind of glue reinforced wood. Would be pretty cool if 90% of the build was made with wood.
  15. I like how some of the girls fight. Some like rose and zingano. The fact that the divisions are really thin is the problem. They keep some of the 115ers and they absolutely suck
  16. I actually like the card and the idea. Bisping vs Evans for the main and the 2 juicers Co main
  17. Great #???? Let them both Roid to hulk status and pound each other into retirement.
  18. Take out dc and that list blows. 5 fighters all past their prime.
  19. Woodley for being little ****. Ferguson for being a total retard.
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