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  1. They are buddy. Next year. Modifier button for clinching/takedowns and then full spectrum striking control with the right stick. Going to be nasty. Can't wait to terrorize people with Junior Dos Santos.
  2. He went beast mode on Seth. That **** was crazy.
  3. Even though he lost, his fight was 100x more exciting. Also that Vemola guy is a BEAST! Like Rogan said Petruzelli is a tough MF'er and Vemola made him turtle up and give up. I can't wait to see this guy again. **EDIT** wow nice auto correct by my firefox in the title. Wtf is Petruzellin? lol
  4. Rob_Lazarus

    okami wins via ud

    Probably shouldn't post spoilers in subject lines. Just as a courtesy thing. Kind of a **** move. Although I think that was your intention so WP.
  5. At least Marquardt told us beforehand that his fight would be boring instead of building it up as a slugfest or something. It was like he was waiting that entire third round for a spot to get a take down and get some points though. He said his mistake in his last fight with A. Silva was trying too hard not to lose. He was 1000x more aggressive in that fight with Anderson than he was today. WTF BRO?
  6. Ke$ha is a joke, just like most of the artists now a days. Talentless hype trains. All that matters now is if stupid white girls can dance to the beat at clubs. It also helps if you invent a retarded dance like Soulja Girl did. If an illiterate loser like Lil B can get famous and rich off of his "music" you know everything has gone to hell.
  7. You mean like Sakurai (5'7), Carlos Newton (5'9), and Chonan (5'9)? Silva cuts a tremendous amount of weight to make 185, and his reach (77.6 inches) has never been matched by any fighter he has come up against. So once again, how has he made a career of fighting guys his own size? You haven't provided any evidence, you just keep repeating yourself.
  8. I can't stand Dan Hardy, and there's a lot of people that hate Mayhem, like the entire Cesar Gracie camp. I like Miller though. Guida is an awesome guy and fighter but people say he's boring. YES!
  9. Agreed. Sonnen has a really effective shot' date=' I think Okami is stronger in the clinch. Once it's on the ground though I think they're about even in their ability to control their opponent. They're both very good at using the cage. I think if Okami can really take it to Marquardt in round one he'll sap Nate's energy and it will be easier for him to dominate rounds two and three. Before the fight with Sonnen I thought Nate's wrestling was pretty impressive. Wrestling is a weird base. If guys didn't wrestle in high school and college I think it's tough for them to develop those natural instincts later in their career.
  10. Lol everybody still counting out the Diaz brothers huh? Only time Nate loses is when he faces a wrestler who can pin him on the ground and keeps their posture down to avoid subs. Only fight he lost where that wasn't the case was against Maynard, and he said himself he fought poorly in that fight, and it was still a split decision loss. Diaz bros are legit. Whether you like their attitudes or not, they can fight and they always put on a fight. I'd rather see great & exciting fighters with bad attitudes all day than a classy guy like Jon Fitch who puts on the same mundane fight every time he steps in the cage.
  11. We saw when he fought Chael that his take down defense was pretty non existent. Sonnen has a great take down, but so does Okami. Yushin looked really good in his last fight against Munoz and I think Munoz is one of the most underrated fighters in the division. Also, Marquardts last fight wasn't really all that impressive other than his killer instinct. He jumped on Palhares when he made the stupid mistake of dropping his gaurd. I think Yushin will take this one by UD with take downs and control on the ground. I don't think he'll do much damage to Nate but I do think he will win. Thoughts?
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