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  1. I was just stating gsp style takedown has impact and are aggressive, and therefore should score, not highly but should score
  2. On here you mean? - cos that or comments on any internet forum doesn't mean anything (if you do mean that), the hate for Bisping is just ridiculous Before the fight I thought Bisping had no chance at all, going into the 3rd and a few minutes in I thought the only way that Bisping wouldn't win was a 10-8 round but I think he did enough to prevent that but I just knew the decision was going to go against him. Both fighters involved in the fight thought the same guy won which I think tells you something. Having said that I don't have a problem with people thinking Chael won, I'm glad he did, I wanna see Silva have another crack at him, think Bisping has taken a bit of shine off it tho', would of been a much bigger fight coming off his destruction of Stann
  3. No but maybe Sonnen would mention landing one of his own at the point of pointing out he was badly hurt. To be honest I didn't notice either fighter get badly hurt in the fight, Bispings strikes looked more precise to me. I think if Bisping got the decision hardly anyone would be questioning the call, but that's just my opinion.
  4. Didn't Chael Bisping hit him really hard early in the first and if Bisping knew how badly he was hurt he could of done serious damage if not finished the fight?
  5. At least now every time someone brings up hammil he can refer to the Sonnen fight. And by your statement I guess you think Bisping won! Hahahaha Jokes aside, I think he should fight Maia in Brazil
  6. So is holding someone against the fence and a bit of dirty boxing but that doesnt get scored that highly. Also a GSP double , more like a tackle i suppose for example is quite aggressive, some aren't at all. How dareI have a different perspective on things than you... My apologies
  7. Too much I think. It only changes where the fight takes place, just like holding someone against a fence does. Should be scored as octagon control only IMO, can't see how or why the should be scored the same as a knock down
  8. Sonnen himself thought Bisping won and i don't see how you could say Sonnen outstruck Bisping, he was taking shots every time he went for a takedow. and I also wouldn't of scored the takedowns in the first 2 rounds very highly. I think Bisping achieved more by losing to Ch?el than he would bu beating Maia. I think they should do Maia vs Bisping now on the Brazil card, decisions against both fighters were debatable
  9. I think there should be better use of the 10 point scoring system, we should see 10-8 more often and 10-7 scores for totally one-sided rounds. I think it should be possible for a fighter to win a round off his back if he causes more damage from that position that should score higher than just being held there. Damage can be a bit deceiving, some guys cut easier so would be at a bit of a disadvantage there
  10. He should be cut, Dana said 'he isn't getting badly knocked out' but he is getting badly beat up, his last 2 fights have been worse than Liddell's last few I'm not interested in seeing him get pummelled again personally.
  11. Probably been easy since his first fight of the year because he's been fighting so often, will be interesting to see how much he fills out if he has 5 months off. Might be a bit more taxing on his first fight back
  12. Only thing I didn't like as far as the reffing is concerned was Big John stopping the fight and bringing the doctor in, I think that might of made Machida believe it was much more serious than it was, he seemed shaken after that. I thought it was totally unnecessary
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