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  1. Well, if the Mayweather/DLH numbers tell us anything, no. That fight was not likely to end in a KO, and people wanted to see it.
  2. For the record, I am a white guy.
  3. People who are saying that the sport needs to sell out to casual fans only need to look at any form of entertainment to see how deleterious that historically has been. Nothing has ever benefited from dumbing itself down to cater to people who are ignorant to try and get their money. Look at music, Kanye West is tailor made for people who do not understand music, and he dominates the charts. As a result, real music does not get any exposure and no one ever hears it. They only hear what makes money, and it's not real music. MMA is headed down the same path. People who do not have any interest in the sport unless a celebrity is involved are deciding who is relevant to the title and who is not. That is harmful, and MMA will never benefit from that in the long run.
  4. I don't care if MMA fighters can't box, there are good kickboxers and grapplers, and the lack of boxing is just because boxers can't make money or earn greater prestige in MMA. That's all fine. But what Anderson Silva does is incredible, Shogun is an exceptional human being, and GSP's abilities are uncanny. Watch them and pay for them, don't watch and pay for Brock vs Frank Mir. When the best fighters sell PPVs, I'll give MMA all the credit for learning from a lot of boxing's mistakes, but MMA has bigger problems than too many titles and money disputes galore. It's not a legit sport right now, it's a spectacle. There are great fighters and great athletes in MMA, I'm not saying there aren't. I'm saying you don't appreciate them, you like Kimbo. We don't have Kimbos in boxing, they get weeded out real quick, because you actually have to prove yourself and polish your technique before you main event a PPV and make millions of dollars. You wouldn't have amateurish main events like Brock vs Carwin if you had them prove themselves consistently before they fight for world titles, then I wouldn't be so critical.
  5. This is what MMA fans like: That's just terrible.
  6. Thank you to Exodus9mm for the intelligent reply. The point of sports is for the best to fight the best, and that's where MMA fails. The best do fight the best, but no one cares. Anderson Silva does not sell PPVs and that is a very sad thing. Brock Lesnar is considered the most purchasable fighter, and he is clearly not the best in the sport. I view boxing as like drawing a circle in the sand and the winner is the one who comes out alive, and MMA is like, "you bring your army and I'll bring mine". I like them both as martial arts, but most MMA fans do not see it that way. They want sloppy, skill-less brawls and Hollywood stereotypes, and promoters have no choice but to give it to them. Boxing has had longer to clean this stuff up, but MMA also didn't take long to ruin itself with politics.
  7. I appreciate MMA, but not the sport. I come from a wrestling background and one of my favorite fighters in Ricardo Arona, a lay and pray artist. That's not the issue. MMA as a sport is inferior to boxing.
  8. In boxing, you have great fights between two pound for pound ranked fighters and people buy it. Case in point: DLH vs Mayweather. It doesn't get any better than that and people appreciated it buy shelling out the cash to see it. This is not the case for MMA. In MMA, you have huge fights like GSP vs Thiago Alves. It's a huge fight between two pound for pound ranked fighters. The problem is, that's not interesting to MMA fans. That fight got bumped down for Brock vs Mir, which was not even the 20th most relevant fight the UFC could have put together. The most laughable thing about it is that that was the highest selling PPV in MMA history--headlined by a fight that wasn't between two of the best fighters in the sport. MMA fans would rather see an amateurish brawl between two celebrities than a world class fight between two of the most incredible athletes the sport has to offer. The problem comes from the fans, not the sport itself. MMA has the worst fanbase of any sport. They don't know what they're watching, they don't appreciate martial arts, and they are completely ignorant to the purpose of sports. How do MMA promoters appease ignorant, uneducated, and thoughtless fans? They can only give them what they want to see, which is not MMA, but celebrity brawls. That's where the Kimbos, Caranos, Lesnars, and Pudzianowskis come in. Brock Lesnar is a popular fighter, but clearly not the best, as evident by his amateurish performance at UFC 116. Fedor would have killed him. Boxing fans appreciate the best fighting the best, and that's what makes the most money on PPV. In MMA, the best fighting the best does not sell. The youtube celebrity vs the WWE celebrity is what sells. MMA fans are drunk, ignorant, rich, white people who can't get enough of mohawks, tattoos, and sloppy brawling. How many non-white men do you see whenever the UFC broadcast pans across the crowd? Boxing fans appreciate the art of combat, which is the point of sports. Boxing is superior to MMA.
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