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  1. You mad? Robbed wtf are you high? He weathered the storm and choked Carwin out give the man some props.You musta lost a crap load last night to be this mad bruh.Keep crying that the ref was paid etc etc and making excuses to make yourself feel better at night I guess.POINT IS CARWIN LOST!!!! How about that ?
  2. Next time lolwtf what about this time lolumad?Face it Carwin got beat stop the crying I mean damn....
  3. Dont hate the outcome Carwin just got gassed that can happen to anyone.I think he is a one hittter quitter but when you are facing a school bus you need to train for 5 rounds not one hit.The ref gave Carwin every chance to stop the fight he got gassed now theres like a bazilion conspiracy theroies running around on the forums.I posted yesterday how the fight was going to end and that every single carwin Fanboy would be up at the crack of dawn to post excuses.I was right again.Fact is Carwin didnt plan for the fight gassed and got choked out its simple Lesnar defended himself on the ground and even pushed carwin off of him a couple times so to say he wasnt defedning himself is retarded.Fact is Carwin lost! All his fanboys thought they would shine today they thought wrong.
  4. CarolinaMMA

    Excuses go Here!

    OK lets not clog the forums with this is why carwin lost threads post all excuses here. Excuse Number 1. Gassed and outclassed.
  5. I see you lost your sig bet lmao umad?
  6. No its actually because everyone says he not a "Real" fighter.He subbed Carwin I think I lol'ed all over myself when I saw that.
  7. Damn I thought it was going to be some smack talk instead I get a freaking BOOK.I guess he doesnt understand that you never use a GIANT WALL OF TEXT!
  8. CarolinaMMA

    Carwin Sketch

    Agree BS! To draw that pic with your finger with all the shading come on guys that isnt finger paint lmao.
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