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  1. Yes that was a great scene in the movie. Maryland?
  2. WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!!! AND "How you Doin?" will always be great. that show produced some very funny moments. own all the seasons on DVD.
  3. that would be a stupid move, cause she gonna bite that mother off.
  4. i asked you a question over in the football thread, regarding it, did you see it? oh, and i copied and pasted it the same way you had it in the PM. Don't just delete them, dude she possibly gave you std or worse aids, cause of her streetwalking, you need to get some kind vindication from this and it seems the best way to do that is with these pictures.
  5. send them someone you don't know personally, for example me, then let them post them and make sure she sees them on the net. Hackers get in PC's and steal this kind of stuff all the time. I seen on a website a while ago one of those "priceless" pics. said something like "diamond ring: $2,500 5 yrs of my life: $10,000 find you on top of my roomate: save $10,000 on wedding, you forgetting i had these naked pics of you: priceless" then of course had all the naked pics in the background of the photo.
  6. wow, where to start. This discussion/arguement can go either way, cases for each POV can be made. MY opinion. Murderers wanna kill people, stick em on the front lines in a war, let them kill the ones that are threatening our country, instead of putting the 18-25 yr old kids that haven't even gotten to live life yet out there to die. IF a murderer is killed are we heartbroken? IF a 18-25 yr old kid is killed in the war, the anti-war nuts come out of the woodwork. Least this way we (u.s citizens) are getting something in return for their heinous acts of violence against someone. i remember reading someone saying the lethal injection crap was too easy of a way to go, i agree. However the murderer killed their victims is the same way they should be killed but with torture involved IMO. Call it what you want, call me what you want, but those that are doing these things would think twice i believe about committing the crime wth this punishment. Pedophiles, no doubt about it, solitary confinement until they are dead. No food, no water, just a little torture to re-enforce the issue to those that think about doing it to children. If someone ever tried to do that to 1 of my kids they better hope to god that the police get them before i do, cause i'm not gonna ask questions, and they can do whatever they want to me in jail for protecting my children and family from these lowlife scums of the earth. Those parent that kill their children, like the lady who locked her 3 kids in their carseats and locked the doors then put her car in the lake/pond for them to dround. They should take her and put her under water until she's almost dead, and pull her out and do it again 3 times so she can feel what each one of those children went through. Little story that happend here locally. A mother tried to drown her 6 yr old son, then called 911 and said that he accidentally drowned in the bathtub. Well when the paramedics arrived they were able to revive the child and he told them that "mommy held me under the water" that woman will never go through what that child did, and she should have to feel the fear, torture, and life long fears, nightmares that this child will undoubtedly go through cause of her actions. IMO the problem with America's crimes is the punishments are jail for x amount of years then they are back on the streets to do it again. Look back in the "old" days, when someone stole something, they lost a hand, you did something you shouldn't have, be headed. Crimes didn't happen as often as they do now, cause the criminal feared the punishment, we are too easy on "our" criminals, they get caught they get free room and board with 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep on. Hell there are families out there right now who don't get that and they are living honest lives. Sad when the gov't treats criminals better than the honest people in society. If you seen the movie "inglorious basterds" you'll know what i mean here. If there is a pedophile that is released back to society, instead of making them register as a sex offender, brand their asses right in the middle of their forehead with a big P to let people know he/she is a pedophile, let them live with the embarassment of the sickening crime they committed. They killed someone out of hate or just to do it, give em a big ol' M on the forehead. You could walk past any of these kinds of criminals and maybe even become friends with them without ever knowing that they killed someone or molested a child, and after you are friends, and trust said person you may let them watch your child and then you have helped them molest your child, cause there was no way of knowing what his past was without him telling you. Chances are they lied to you completely of their past. Thats my thoughts. say what you want, but my beliefs are my beliefs. Bigger the punishment, less crimes IMO.
  7. congrats hack, and all cowboys fans. They showed up to play and got the W. congrats. Hack, got a question and this is only because of the rematch game next week. wanna change this one to the one week then after next weeks game do the month sig bet? Its up to you, and again, only asking because philly and Dallas gotta dance again next week. Like i said, congrats to dallas, they showed they wanted it more, really disappointed in the eagles, IDK what the hell was wrong and before you go being homers (LOL) anyone can admit that they didn't play up to their usual standards. That offense played like ****.
  8. seems like i may not get to watch the game. (which sucks). I live in an area of Va. where on the local FOX station they show the crappy redskins games over a game that decides the winner of a division and what seed the winner and loser of the game gets. Ridiculous. hoping they change the TV schedule or i gotta to the bar without any cash. IDK what the hell i'm gonna do if i miss the most important game of hte season for my team.
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