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  1. SS23

    any NFL fans

    How'd I know that game was gonna end with a fifth pick..jesus put peyton manning in chicago and he's gonna start ****ing up his stats
  2. SS23

    any NFL fans

    Eh..can't really talk bad about them considering they're gonna win the division. Romo's gonna get the pixie stick up his **** come january though
  3. SS23

    any NFL fans

    What're you a Browns fan? Must be the way you're venting all your anger out on an internet board
  4. I'm ****in pissed off at my team the Bears this year. Through all the quarterback struggles we've had since Jim McMahon I finally though we had a powerhouse team. Then the defense collapses with injuries and Jay Cutler's out there throwing interception after interception. It's not like he's worse than his predecessors, if you take away the picks and TDs he has a pretty nice QB rating due to average yds per pass, but he keeps turning the ****ing ball over. There it is again, his 4th interception to the SF D. I can talk about any team so just pitch in and I'll probably know a thing or two about them.
  5. I personally like Rachelle the best body and facewise out of all the octagon girls, but I think Edith is the sexiest.
  6. I always wondered about this. I didn't realize the fighters got to choose their own songs and they were blanked out on the DVDs though. Now that you tell me this, thats f****** lame.
  7. SS23

    Big John?

    Yeah I remembered thinking the same thing watching that last Saturday, cause I was aware the promotions don't choose the refs. Wish he'd come back, with the exception of Yamasaki and Dean, I think every other ref has f'ed something up or been annoying as f*** during at least 1 ufc match.
  8. Na..those overhyped Shamrock-Gracie and Shamrock-Severn 'superfights' that had both men lying on the ground for 30+ minutes and the latter having both men circle each other for 25+ minutes before Severn decided to push the action in the final 2 minutes, then circling each other again for OT.
  9. I think your list is a little messed up numberswise if you're going for devastating KOs. I watched that UFC 8 Gary Goodridge KO about a week or two ago and it's just brutal. I've never seen anyone deliver elbows that fast. Also, don't forget that Bisping was knocked out for over a minute so you've gotta take that into account in terms of devastation.
  10. He's just pissed off cause the 'boogie man' in his closet makes him wet his bed every night. Saying that is absolutely ludicrous. Compare it to competing for a job with someone else. You have the much better credentials coming from a similar corporation and had a top job there, but the people in charge have decided they want you to start out at the bottom alongside the guy who finished high school after 5 years because apparently that organization is inferior and you have to prove yourself.
  11. I thought he already was a swine. He got that look to his face, coupled with the big head.
  12. Man, have you seen some of the stuff he does? Even with steroids you can't do that. He's just a natural beast
  13. I'm not gonna accuse Brock of anything but he has the personality and build of a bully. He even said himself "I don't have anything good to say about any of my opponents". What happens to a bully when they meet someone who can put up a good fight? Most of them shut up.
  14. SS23

    UFC Classics DVDs

    Does anyone know if the UFC will eventually release all of the events up to UFC 42? I'm aware that amazon.com has all of them, but they're bootleg knockoffs that don't show the prelims and cram 2 events onto one disc. I'd rather buy the official UFC product, although I may get those if they never do.
  15. Machida is looking way too far ahead. He has proven himself in the UFC by beating everyone that's been put in front of him, but he just won the damn belt and is about to defend it for the first time. Besides, he's also assuming that Lesnar will still be the champ if he defends the belt 5 times, which I doubt will be the case. Carwin can make Lesnar choke on his own mouthpiece
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