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  1. I would spend the gas to drive to the bar considering that I am a hard core MMA fan regardless if they are big names, but then again I don't blame those for not wanting to spend big bucks. I personally wouldn't either even being a huge MMA fans. I just know a few web sites that I can still watch it live for free, but not the greatest quality. haha
  2. Yeah Cecil is an idiot, leg kicks are very effective, and Machida controlled the octagon because where ever he ran to Rua followed and landed kicks and punches. rua picked apart Machida but lost due to a couple un successful take down attempts and lack of combo attacks regardless of landing way more punches and kicks!!! hahaha Fire Cecil from judging MMA ever again. The guy makes me sick and every fight he judges from here on out I will NOT watch.
  3. Right he made up the excuse to not fight him even though he is going to be fighting him at a later time. Also watch the news, h1n1 and the swine flue is sweeping the u.s. and if not them the regular flu is also. I live in MN personally and it is ridiculous how many people are sick......oh and grow up!!!!
  4. Sho Gun is the LightHeavy weight Champion in almost every major MMA fans eye. What an immature silly thread man. Go watch WWE or whatever they call it these days, because you are a poor immature fan. Sorry to attack you, but I just tell it how it is.
  5. I am one of many who also believes that sho gun won the fight. There is a reason why SOO many people including DANA WHITE agreed that it was a blown decision call by the judges...because 95 percent of fights are scored on aggression, damage, take downs, sub attempts etc. Not for this fight though, the judges decided to chance it up as if they make there own rules from fight to fight. They scored it on the percentage on punches kicks thrown and landed. If thats the case than you could go into a fight and get your **** kicked, but win the fight because you landed all 10 punches regardless if you got picked apart with your stand up and received more damage. If they would have scored the Jackson/Griffin fight the same way than we all know that Jackson would have defended his belt. Until the UFC comes up with a consistent scoring system that is the SAME EVERY fight the reputation of the sport will only decline and eventually become diminished. I personally don't want that to happen. I love MMA, and I love the UFC, but wont much longer if a few more fights are blown like the machida Rua fight. Like I said judging, and rules NEED to stay consistent to maintain the sports growth and success. Any idea's to solve this from happening again and again?!
  6. People are up set that the fact that the judging is SOO inconsistent. I mean if it doesnt take damage and agression to win a title fight than Forrest Griffin should have NEVER beat Quinton Jackson for the belt. Yeas judges scored the fight all with the same out come, but like I said the scoring needs to be the SAME for EVERY fight. You can justify every win no matter how you look at it. There is a reason why EVEN Dana White disagreed and wants to set up an imediate re match. I personally believe that based on previous title fights that Sho gun took the decision, but yeah how they judged this fight you can say machida won even though he wasnt agressive and took more damage. The UFC needs to get a set scoring system so that they can keep the rep of the sport. I know of a lot of hard core mma fans that no longer will watch the UFC for a while due to the inconsistancy of judging. Until that gets fixed there will always be controversal fights regardless who landed more punches, took more damage, ect...
  7. Yeah they should be calling out each other, like Kosh vs Fitch or Swick vs Ftich, or Evan Kosh vs Alves. Now those are big names to beat in there league. Kosh and Swick wont fight each other, because they train together unless its for the belt which will never happen. We all know that one. haha
  8. All of you who talk crap about Kimbo not being a good fighter are high!!! He is OBVIOUSLY a good fighter considering he is the KING of street fighting in Miami, FL. Its more like Kimbo has a bad ground game, but his stand up is above par. Or you could say he isn't well rounded, and he is not a complete MMA fighter, but saying a bad fighter in general is far from right. When you have over a 100 street fights with 1 loss, you are definitely a good fighter. POINT PROVEN...
  9. Yeah bro, you really need to watch REAL UFC fights. If you like Karate then Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida is definitely your man. He is the Light heavy weight Champion in the UFC. He is the first legit Karate Martial Artist guy in the UFC and he is 15-0. Watch his last fight against Rashad Evans. Oh and if you want to really learn about MMA then go to http://www.sherdog.com, for news go to http://www.mmajunkie.com, and for watching fights go to http://www.mma-core.com those are probably the top MMA sites on the web. Well then you obviously got the biggest MMA fighting organization in the world UFC. Its like the NFL, and everything else is like either D1, D2, and D3 college football. NFL is the UFC, D1 organizations are more like Sengoku, Strike force, MI Global, Dream, ect...D2 organization's are KOTC, Pancrase, Shooto, Bodog, ect...And D3 are your local (no holds bar fights) fighting organizations that are in most of your local big cities around the US. As for TUF, this season has been one of the worst when it comes to the fights. I was also extremely mad with the Kimbo Nelson fight. They should call Nelson, Roy 'The Whale' Nelson. All he did was try to hang with Kimbo on his feat, got rocked, then took Kimbo down, and layed on him like a beached whale and threw down woosie a** weak punches and got the fight stopped. The ref should have called it a stall (no damage done with girly punches) and stood them back up!! haha You learn in time that there are still holes the the rules that are kind of bogus. Also the refs sometimes stop fights pre maturely, and the judges blow a lot of decisions. Anymore questions hit me up on my profile...
  10. Yeah its just how it works man. Win big fights and you get mainstream media and attention. I do agree with somewhat of what your saying though! those mainstream fighters get all of the attention if anything goes wrong or any big changes happen. But thats what happens in ever sport!! Most people don't care to hear much about mediocre athletes, because they generally don't even know who the person is. Thats just another part of being a superstar athlete...you get all of that negative and positive attention whether you like it or not.
  11. FINALLY everyone is starting to believe in our extremely dominant UFC Heavyweight Champion. He is a whole new era of hw's and he is going to dominate for a long time. I do count out Nog and Vel?squez though. Nog will get TKOed and Vel?squez will get taken down and TKOed like Mir did. I am predicting that Duffy is going to become a Brock Jr and eventually make his way to fighting Lesner. Thats when we will see a true hw fight that will go either way IMO. Only time will tell on that one though...
  12. Yeah its the most logical fight in my eyes. I also feel as if the winner should definitely get a title shot. Yeah they both don't seem to be on GSP's level yet, but I sure don't see anyone else in the WW ready to face GSP that hasn't ALREADY fought (Koscheck, Fitch, Alves) him other than Swick or Hardy?? I think Paul Daley is the best contender once he proves himself my winning one more fight in the UFC which I see happening. The UFC needs to build up there Welterweight division and start getting new fighters. If we could get Jake Shield into the UFC he would give GSP a run for his money no doubt in my mind. Jake Shieds is dominating everyone so bad that he had to move up a weight class. He beat the number 8 middle weight in the world(Robbie Lawler) in the 1st minute of the 1st round. He also has beat UFC new comer Paul Daley. Shields is currently going to be fighting for the Strikeforce middleweight belt. The UFC needs to buy his contract out and get him in the UFC asap. I am sick of seeing the same fighters in the WW division fighting on the main cards. I know there is plenty of competition out there, they just need to find it.
  13. Yeah it would be great to see Sherk vs Mike Thomas brown or Sherk vs Urijah Faber. Just from me knowing Sherk personally I can tell you that there is no way that he will fight anywhere outside of the UFC. He also would not be able to make Featherweight. I mean look at him, he is the most muscular, ripped, and one of the strongest dude's if not the strongest in the UFC at 155. As far as the fights goes, Brown would hang with Sherk since he pretty much is a 155 fighter with his strength and size, but it would go to a decision with Shirk winning . I think Faber would get finished by TKO or a dominated decision loss to Sherk. Fabor doesn't have a good chance at all with Sherk. Sherk would win the stand up and most definitely win on the ground. You think Mike brown has strength on Faber...then you Fabor fans wouldn't want him at 155 thats for sure. As a Faber fan I want to see him drop to Bantamweight and take on Miguel Tores and then take the belt from Brian Bowels. I am a big fan of Faber, and I know he could dominate the Bantam division.
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