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  1. crebain from dunland! Hhhiiiiiiiidddddddddeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. gibbo86

    I Had A Dream

    I had a dream and woke up all wet and messy????
  3. Dude? Vera has been cut! U been livin under a rock or summin?
  4. gibbo86

    Glass Chins!

    None of them have! Theyre just gettin hit real hard! Prob every fughter in UFC has a great chin compared to folks sat at home who think having a fight when ur 8yo makes u a fighter!
  5. pppfffftttttttt!!!! U base this on a martial artist??? I think i would base it more on a nation as a whole! Take britain for example. An island the size of a small US state clobbers most of the planet to have an empire bigger than the romans! Now thats superior! WTF has canada ever achieved?? NOTHING! Simple as! Oh and lets not forget Englands domination of France since the dawn of time! LMAO!
  6. I heard he got r@ped by a giraffe. May not be true though tbf
  7. bring back cabbage aswell whilst ur at it!
  8. Like fitch is gonna stand n bang with him! He should deffo b focusing on the ground work! Suppose its not a bad thing tho 2 train with a world class boxing coach.
  9. Ive trained with ronnie a few times at trojan. hes got loads of experience for a guy his age and has a really promising future. Good muay thai and solid bjj. b sure 2 look out for him!
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