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  1. the hulk for sure did you see how much trouble everyone was having with Loki? did you see what the hulk did to him? end of discussion
  2. Bones vs Hendo is a super fight, guys!
  3. GSP 1. BJ PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Diaz 3.....kos.....check....?
  4. if you win the SF title, your stuck in SF thats why BJ turned it down i would too
  5. what the **** are you ****ing talking about? god dammit kid....go home wtf is your deal?
  6. how do you figure? since he waited for this fight, he didnt get paid. if he was just in it for the paycheck, he would have fought. no fight, no pay. hendo has a chance hes bomb
  7. i agree this fight would be sick as hell but aldo would win
  8. hell yea CAPS!!!!!!!!! the black guy stuffs one in OT what a great day, great playoffs
  9. Jon "Bones" Jones is the Michael Phelps of MMA
  10. Hendoforpresident

    Ufc 146

    has tickets to this
  11. i dont understand why a guy with a name like iH8LnP would make a thread like this
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