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  1. nobody cares who hugs whos nuts sombodys gotta like somebody and im just saying what i think will happen
  2. shogun is my favorite fighter but he just recently had another knee surgery because of something that happend to in during the machida 2 fight and could possibly postpone his first defence and i have a really bad feeling that we will see the (forest&coleman) shogun when he fights rashad due to ring rust depending on how long it takes him to recover from the surgery or just the fact that hes had his knee worked on so many times so i think this could be a major prob for him and will probably loose his title via rashads wrestling skills wich he showed against his last two opponents........but i hope not lol.
  3. xmattxdavisx

    Ufc 119!!!!!

    UFC IS FINALLY COMING TO INDY!!!!!!(: theres only two fights rumored right now(melvin guillard vs jeremy stephens& matt mitrione vs joey beltran) and im so pumped for it cant waittttt!!!!!! definatly going to this!
  4. who cares now?.....that was last month and now you decide to talk about it? theres already been two PPVs since.......get a life.
  5. the only other person i could think of that made sense besides mir was gonzaga
  6. think about it......... in his first loss to renato sobral it say that he was submitted by a guilliotine yet shogun never tapped and had been fighting the choke for a majority of the round and then the ref stopped the fight because he thought shogun was in danger........... obviously the mark coleman loss is just a fluke coleman went for a takedown shogun landed funny on his arm and broke it so the fight was tko due to injury. in the forrest fight forrest is the first fighter to truly beat him. but if shogun didnt have knee problems in that fight the result could have been very different. and obviously as everybody knows on her at ufc 104 shogun was clearly ripped off by the judges in california and should have won that fight so he could easily be undeafeted but you could argue thee forest one but even if he would be 22-1 wich is very good
  7. xmattxdavisx


    roy nelson will pick his belly up and smash super chiek kongo with it....... roy nelson by submission
  8. im thinking jardine by decision
  9. i wouldnt care about the main event if i didnt know that lesnar is getting KTFO
  10. one time mike goldberg said "i dont think you can really call gsp a wrestler" and joe rogan was like "are you kidding me hes the best in the divison" lol
  11. he could mabey fight gomi?
  12. hes coming back to LW and im pretty sure it will be maynard
  13. tito ortiz the only fighter that can be a ***** and suck and still be a main event i mean seriously the guy sucks
  14. i would love to see this but i think jones may fight ryan bader
  15. could frankiie edgar possibly fight in the ufc and wec at the same time being the ufc 155 champ and possibly chalenging for the 145 title at the same time would that be possible since both orginizations are owned by zuffa? just wondering because i think it would be interesting to see something like that happen. and if he can do you think he should yes or no?
  16. how about florian maynard and give bj a punching bag named takanori gomi let the winner of kenflo maynard fight edgar and penn fight the loser...... i think thats pretty realistic but a title fight on a ufn cmon besides that would be a slap in the face to edgar considering he beat bj fair and square
  17. i think in this next episode tito might leave because they say a cast member is leaving not fighter and also i read on some website that called rich the replacement coach not replacement fighter so im just geussing but thats what i think is going to happen......
  18. you forgot about sotiropulous...(i think thats how its spelled lol) he look fantastic against joe daddy at ufc 110
  19. if cote wins how do you think he will if belcher wins how do you think he will
  20. nobodys really mentiond this fight yet and i was wondering what your guy's thoughts are for this fight.
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