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  1. Rockholds name has NO value. Give him someone like Boetsh or Belcher first, not Vitor or Silva it's ridiculous.
  2. Make it happen. If Vitor want's to compete at 205, throw him this guy and see what happens. They both just fought, they can start training right away, hell they could fight the same night Bones takes on Sonnen.... This seems perfect to me.
  3. Is it just me or is this a no brainer? I'm not just talking about when Joe Rogan/Mike Goldberg aren't calling the card, but for the pre-fight previews/commercials as well Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros should be the back up team. They got much more experience, have much better voices and personalities, and just bring so much more to the table. I mean Jon Anik and Kenny Florian have NO personalities when they talk on the mic. If that's the best they can do then it's a damn shame. UFC is supposed to be at the forefront of MMA, and having great announces like Rogan/Goldberg is one of the reasons it's come such a long way. Anik/Florian will never have that same chemistry ever, it just isn't in them. We gave them a shot, I think it's time for a change now. If you agree Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros should replace Jon Anik and Kenny Florian please let it be known.
  4. Glover is a beast no doubt about it, but his last performance he got clipped by Maldonado. Not saying it was major, but he was clipped and he was hurt at one point in that fight. Rampage has as good as chance as any at knocking him out. Keep in mind Rampage and Glover are only 1 year apart, it's not like he's some young stud, this fight is very even, if anything I'm going to go with Rampage because of the experience factor, and for the simple fact this fight can completely define his career.
  5. Vitor has always been good This. It was pretty clear that Anderson, Chael and Belfort were/are the top3 MWs. But if you look at Vitor's record there's nothing to say he's a top MW. A lot of R1 KOs prove otherwise. Also his record is fine, his losses are from top LHWs who he'd beat now and a HW. If I remember correctly, his sister was kidnapped or found dead around that time period. Who has he beat at MW though? Akiyama is a legit bum and Rumble drained his body so hard and couldn't make weight. Bisping is his biggest MW win and he's just a gatekeeper that's been hyped because he's British. I'd say Weidman is the #2 guy and Chael 3rd if he's still included Bisping held his own with Sonnen, and many people thought Bisping won that fight. MMA math doesn't work like that. Sonnen would most likely get submitted from Vitor as BJJ is his biggest weakness.
  6. One thing that never get's mentioned or is always over looked should I say is the fact that Vitor's had a lot of trouble in his career. He fought Jones with a broken hand and an injured rib. He fought Silva with 530 days of ring rust. I personally thought he beat Chuck Liddel aside from one punch in which Liddel clipped him, but point wise I thought he won that fight. He fought Sakuraba with a broken hand. In his first loss with Randy Couture he had the flu which is why his entrance was delayed because he was back stage throwing up. He got lucky his punch grazed Randy's eye and won him the belt, this was all during the same week his sister was kidnapped, and his sister still has never been found. He wound up losing the rematch to Randy. I know he's fought in at least two other fights with broken hands... There's no doubt in my mind a health Phenom is always going to be a contender. And he definitely has gotten better with time. He's always been ripped so I'm not worried about steroids or trt talk. The one time Vitor got caught for an illegal substance was something his doctor injected in him during an injury in which Vitor didn't even know about. The Dolce diet is expensive for a reason, it works.
  7. I see all these potential match ups going around. I think if Vitor want's to compete for the 205 strap he should take on the winner of this fight. Sure Rampage has cried about leaving, but if he wins this fight a potential "stand up" match with Vitor could keep him around for one more fight. Two Pride veterans that have no history against each other could sell some serious tickets. Plus Rampage complains people don't stand against him, well who better to stand toe to toe with Rampage then the Phenom? Of course if Teixeira wins, who better to be a gate keeper to John Jones after he beats Sonnen then Vitor who's given the current champ the biggest scare of his career? More importantly is the timing. If both fighters go uninjured they could square off in April, possibly the same night Jones takes on Sonnen. Teixeira's name has gotten big lately, but even a win over Rampage doesn't put him in contender talks. A win over Vitor however would be huge for the newcomer.
  8. "Um hold on let me redirect my punches while your hurt"....... I can't stand people complaining about punches to the back of the head. Sure he has hit a few people in the back of the head, but none intentionally. Rich Franklin and Akiyama were both out cold before the punches in the back of the head landed. The right uppercut underneath the body is what KO'd Akiyama. When you're in a fight, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, do you think you could redirect your punches with such ease? If you get on top of a guy and throw that many punches you lose a lot of energy, if you don't end it there you can very much so gas in that round.
  9. I also think Vitor has a very big chance at winning this thing. Imo his problem has always been the pressure. Vitor seems to do bad under pressure. He wasn't training for this fight, it was just given to him, and he was ready to fight around the same time anyway. His head is at a good place, he's healthy, he's constantly talking about how good he feels going into this fight. He's got the skills we all know that, his mental has always been his weakness. Now however he seems more relaxed then ever. I really think Vitor is going to make the biggest upset in UFC betting history. I'm betting on him.
  10. Vitor was on the shelf for over 500 days coming into that Anderson Silva fight. 500 days is a huge time to be on the shelf, then your first fight back is vs Anderson "The Goat" Silva... He did freeze indeed, but ring rust was a huge part of it. That's completely opposite for Vitor to freeze. He calls himself a lion because if he senses a weakness he goes in for the kill. Both Belfort/Jones are predators, they both press the action, and strike first. Most the time Vitor lands one and its over after 10 more come your way. Not taking anything away from Jones at all, he is phenomenal, I just think this is his toughest challenge yet. Rampage/Shogun are slow, Machida can't commit, and Rashad just wanted to survive, Vitor wants to smash and destroy, just like Jones does which makes this a great fight.
  11. We all know the odds are greatly in Jones favor for this fight, however I think a lot of people are overlooking Vitor's chances of winning this thing and pulling arguably the biggest upset in MMA history. So I put together a small list of reasons why Vitor should not be overlooked, and why he can topple the champ. 1: Pressure - Jon Jones is young, and with most young fighters they make mistakes. From his recent DUI to signing a big deal with Nike, to a ton of hate from MMA fighters/fans/media, his publicist quitting publicly sighting he's hard to deal with, he is under a ton of pressure. He's got so much going on in his life at the moment that if there was ever a time he would crack under pressure, this would be it. 2: Over Training - Jones was scheduled to fight September 1st. Now its easy for a fan to brush off a few weeks of hard training, but in that time anything can happen. Stretching the weight cut for a few extra weeks, to adapting to a different fighter can take its toll. With his fight pushed back three weeks, he could easily get exhausted and tired from training so much, and losing some weight, only to put it back on to lose it again. 3: Soutpaw - As crafty as Jones is he's never fought a top level southpaw fighter. Vitor has "hands of steel" that can turn the lights out of any foe in an instant. Switching from Dan Henderson's right handed H-Bomb to Vitor's left handed Holy Grenade can surely be a tough test to overcome. Vitor also has arguably the fastest hands in MMA, as well as a vicious left uppercut. 4: 205 - While Vitor hasn't fought at 205 in a while, and many believe he holds too much muscle mass at this weight, it's simply not true. In the past when Vitor fought at 205 training camps were no where near the level of effectiveness as they are now. Vitor is an "old school" fighter, however he's adapted to ways of new such as The Dolce Diet. He's no longer struggling to make weight, he's going to make 205 with ease, and I believe we'll see the absolute best 205'lb version of Vitor ever. 5: Training Partners - Rashad Evans is the only man to go 5 rounds with Jones, and knows his style more so then any other fighter. If there was one person you'd want to train with to prepare for Jones it would most likely be Evans, and that's exactly what Vitor is doing. In fact Jones even took to his twitter account to diss Evans over training with Vitor. On top of that Vitor has been training wrestling for a long time. Overall this fight is looking more and more interesting and appealing to MMA fans everywhere. The Young Lion vs The Old Lion is a testament of time in every sport. If Jones win's he's still got some top notch competition, if Vitor wins the possibilities are endless. A rematch vs Dan Henderson would be an amazing fight for fans everywhere, as well as a war with Shogun. The most obvious expectation from Jones is to take Vitor down, beat him up, try and make him gas like he has in his earlier years so he can finish him within three rounds, but I believe his new training techniques, and BJJ still make Vitor a big threat on the ground. On top of that if it gets close up against the cage Vitor has Muay Thai training, and Karate credentials as well. I seriously believe Vitor is being severely overlooked in this fight.
  12. Then man Jake Shields is going to look like a ****ing bum. 3 straight losses in a row, and losing to a guy who has 3 losses in a row....and I'm going to be rooting hard for Akiyama because that guy needs a win bad. This is looking like the best PPV of the year.
  13. I don't understand how some of you so called fans think. I want to see Anderson Silva lose too, but to someone who I think deserves it at least. Belfort for example... How can you root for a guy who's obviously used steroids? If he got a Unanimous Decision win after there first fight, he would have had to give the belt back... It actually benefited him more that Silva made him tap(8th time in his career) as the steroid new's didn't matter as much then, but if he had the belt there would of been a ton of publicity. I hate Bisping but not as much as that jerkoff cheater. People rooting for cheaters, even after they lose and get caught for cheating, it's pathetic. If Sonnen didn't use steroids I wouldn't have a problem with him other then his mouth and the abundance of his decision wins the guy is a boring *** fighter, but using steroids, getting caught, and fined, and then the money laundering thing, this guy isn't a gangster he's a dirtbag. There is a difference. Even gangsters have respect.
  14. All I'm going to say is this could definitely be a quick solution to a lot of problems. I'm so tired of decisions, especially crappy ones where the owners gotta reannounce the winner of the fight lol. Seriously though, Bisping vs Sonnen was a good fight, one could only imagine what would have happened with more time. Also it would help strengthen every division. I'm so tired of fighters gassing. Hell Maia looked like a bum off the street by the second round. If you can't make the weight cut then move up or move out.
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