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  1. so ur tellin me u think baders wrestling is better then davis? Lol ^^ Mr. Wonderful would win via decision.
  2. Sounds more like Overeem to me. Oh snap! Yep, I sure did.
  3. You can't tell me that truck wasn't a beast in that movie.
  4. That's why people think he's a ****y, arrogant ****** bag! I disagree with most. I think Mir is a very intelligent and analytical individual. That is why he's my favorite heavyweight.
  5. After failing to obtain either titles in the UFC, he had to go to a second tier promotion to get it. Yep, I just did. xD
  6. Hell no! I'd even be embarrassed of being from the same country as someone like that! To me, where a fighter was born doesn't matter. Sure it may influence what their style of fighting is but, ultimately, it doesn't matter to me. I like a fighter based on his personality and way of fighting.
  7. You should check again. There were only 11 fights on UFC Live Sanchez vs Kampmann. The only fight I picked wrong was Joe Stevenson vs Danny Castillo. You should double check.
  8. I could say the same thing about you. It's also clear as daylight that Kampmann is in your sig. Hmm. . .
  9. I'm a big fan of both, and I actually wanted to see Kampmann win. If you are by any means directing that towards me, you're argument is extremely flawed.
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