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  1. Grappling is part f a fight.if there are fans who wanted to watch a striking match,then Glory would be a good option.
  2. Why?if u don't agree then better explain your argument.
  3. It depends on what type of eddie will be there in the fight.eddie is a good boxer as well.he just needs to bounce back after that poor performance
  4. A make or break for eddie.he needs to show and make up from his past loss with connie.
  5. This are the type of match ups that will either happen too soon or not going to happen at all.Ng is at his prime and so far some of the great strikers at HW are showing that they are all getting old and washed up.
  6. Yeah,actually jorge doesn't care what weight or where the fight will happen.i just hope he gets a good fight next.nick diaz is one of the best match ups for him.
  7. So far,nganou is the guy to watch this 2017.a technical fighter with speed will slay TBB.but this 2 would be fun to watch.
  8. Everybody is jumping on the jorge hype train.but yeah,he's 1 hell of a fighter.a lawler fight would be a great fight or maybe nick diaz.
  9. After the new management and the irish mouth did,every champ and fighter is beginning to pick the money fight.its no longer who deserves it more but who can talk and sell fights.
  10. button_man

    100% Cruz?

    After all cruz's injury,maybe it has come to an end part.he was a dominant champ.but cody is a new breed of fighter.we'll see what he can do with TJ.
  11. JDS VS Lewis is quite interesting as well.Nganou maybe the champ.
  12. Lewis vs Nganou Tucker vs knight makes sense Hendricks vs boetsch Felder vs lauzon
  13. Now this fight makes sense.winner geta the winner of reem/hunt.
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