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  1. public forum, equal freedom of speach, so sorry he is boring....lol
  2. i have thank you, but what GSP did was not MMA complete it was wrestling....
  3. if I train all day to take people down and lay on top of them as it is a male enjoyment to me, then maybe i would understand, but being able to wrestle is not a complete mma fighter, because those same people say what brock lesnar is borning....
  4. yes another thread. so you are welcome to your comments, but as a fan of the sport for years and complete knowledge of mma so please comment if you will, we all think we know all. but I will continue to not for ppv as long as UFC continues is hypocritial bases of who should fight and not. If you believe GSP is the best p4p lay and pray fighter you are right, but as a complete fighter, he is not worth my money... disappointed fan...... okay let the flood gates open.... lol
  5. which is why I hope they do well, I dislike a monoply in all forms of industries, from banks to electric companys. But my point is Strikeforce needs to step it up if they are going to want to attract more than your rockem sockem type fans....
  6. the way Strikeforce hypes him up. I maybe for a second had a thought, but after seeing him fight plus watching his Frank Shamrock fight. For his health I would not want to see him fight Anderson.
  7. i am not, but I am a fan of the sport which we are free living and American rights have the right to give my opinion. I would love for all orginizations to do well. but strikeforce seriously is quality, far behind UFC. any other question?
  8. Producing events like StrikeForce. Most of my attention was watching the Cowboy game and back/forth WEC and Strikeforce. But I always found that you can not make a personal judgement for oneself unless you take time to view and watch something. Welll I did, Strikeforce once agains shows its poor quality of a card, that headline a very overrated one dimensional fighter who has a ground and pound like my sister vs a punching bag who can not think, but got the job done. the Melendez fight was okay but as for a championship fight it was poor quality. Again Strikeforce seems to display a continued side show type of event. Hopefully with Henderson they can gain some respect from true fans, because I dare not commment on thier Golden Boy from Russia who continues to fight, no ranked fighers. so UFC even if you are not perfect and we as MMA fans have our taste of quality, I think you for displaying Event after event fights above the rest of the circus shows..
  9. so am I, I was suprised when they originally had him to fight Lesnar, but I looked it as Lesnar only beat Heath to get his title shot. so this is good for the fans, Mir vs Carwin.
  10. Fedor, I respect him as a fighter and a man, If you look at the fighters he has fought in his career. Sobral went to decision, Arona went to decision, Cro Cop went to decision, and even Nogera went to decision only fighter in top ten HW. The others he beat are no where in the 10 top. His most current fights the last four have done nothing but shown he can beat guys bigger guys but again who are they again in MMA. Arlovski yes was good and he knocked him out, but before Arlovski acted like a teenage boy having sex and got to excited, he was winning and could have. Fedor is a smart fighter and I love his humblness, but TO ME HE IS NO EMPIRE AND IS WAY OVER HYPED.
  11. of the top of my head HW: anyone other than the top four, LW: jardin,bonner, griffen again, ortiz again, hammill, liddell again, evans again. and others name just not registering MW: everyone for awhile WW: everyone for awhile LW: the list goes on, but Sanchez has a chance 12/12
  12. Just because you can converse (in english) better then someone who speaks 6 languages. Or simply can structure your sentences to sound smart, you are not. I am sure his wife gets annoyed by him also. no one likes a guy who acts like a know it all. you remind me of those idiots in college who stood by the keg, with thier collars popped. I never cared for MIR and hope that KONGO shuts his **** up once and for all. it is great to have self confidence, but coming across as an ****, NO REAL PERSON WITH INTELLEGENCE WOULD HAVE TO DO SO..... by the way, Sanchez in round 2, by heart, mind, and soul submission.....
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