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  1. Its an absolutely amazing accomplishment. Name one other LW or WW that has 2 belts in 2 differnet weight categories? Cuz I cant even name 1 MW who has 2 belts in 2 different weight categories. He knocks guys out or submits them midway through the 2nd round and turns his opponent into a punching bag. GOAT? I am laughing at you for doubting the legend. He has a great LW record in the UFC with notable wins against Sanchez, Sherk, and Florian.
  2. I know you are but what am I?
  3. Rambo89


    I thought forsure he would get a fight in Japan... anyone know where Sexyama is hiding?
  4. I didnt think I would ever cheer for DHK but I hate how Siyar gets one win in the UFC and calls out every single person in his division... Siyar talks more than Sonnen and I think DHK is gunna do what he does best and grind out a tough decision win I was hoping Alves would be ready to come back and shut Siyar up for calling him a poodle (even though it was mildly funny)
  5. PREDICTION: Bj says he was motivated and in shape but Rory was the better man tonight, just like he said after the Edgar, Fitch, and Diaz fights...
  6. Lol I expected the trolls to come out on this one... I am not "butthurt" nor am I being to serious... Yes, I am a big fan of BJ Penn and I fully admit he got outclassed and outworked tonight... Penn losing is not why I created the thread: the fact that 75% of the threads right now are disrespectful is why I made the thread... I understand that alot of you are either teenagers or drunk right now so this doesnt make sense to you... and I used the american reference because I am a Canadian living in the US (short term) and there is an ignorant vibe I get from everyone (just people being clueless and arrogant about everything outside of the US)... and I feel like Canadians, Brazilians, Europeans are more proud than patriotic... I am proud to be Canadian whereas I "feel" like Americans (for the majority) are patriotic because of the power their country has not because of their history.
  7. When you start training Mixed Martial Arts, the first thing you learn is respect.. Alot of fans and people on this forum just have ZERO respect for these warriors who enter the octagon... Instead of calling them bums, or has beens why dont you just respect them for leaving everything in there and fighting there hearts out?! All 8 guys on the main card put on a show and I respect all of them for fighting hard, I think its a cultural thing with Americans loving to be bullies but maybe you should learn from the PRIDE days and the Japanese fans
  8. Rambo89

    Educate Me

    This is the most garbage I have ever read... Your opinions are garbage and your knowledge in MMA is questionable to say the least... Penn is probably in the top 5 for the best Jiu Jitsu in MMA and you are calling him one dimensional and saying his BJJ is out of date? So Gracie Jiu Jitsu doesnt work anymore cuz its old? Lol you sound retarded... Penn is a laynprayer? Haha you sir either have half a brain or this is the biggest failed attempt at being a troll
  9. Yeah man... After Rory said that, Penn just smiled at him like "Boooy I already got this fight in the bag, you're done saturday night!"
  10. I could see that like in the Fitch fight but I really think Penn is way better on the feet with Rory... I either see it as a sub in round 2 or like the 3rd matt hughes fight... either way Penn walks out of this fight the winner... Last time Penn acted this way was when he fought Sanchez... I thought it was funny when Rory said "Get the *@#$ outta my face" and Penn just smiled like he already knew he had won
  11. Bendo walks around at 175... so of course he looks smaller when he's 20 pounds lighter... IMO Nate looked the best he's ever looked at weigh ins
  12. I learnt something new today about the UFC which is pretty rare.. there have been 8 pairs of brothers in the UFC: 1. Big & lil nog 2. Frank and Ken Shamrock 3. Dan and Joe Lauzon 4. Raphael and Junior Assuncao 5. Jim and Dan Miller 6. Nick and Nate Diaz these are the ones I didnt know 7. Matt and Mark Hughes (Mark fought and beat Alex Steibling @ UFC 28) 8. Matt and Nick Serra (Nick fought and lost to Benji Radach @ UFC 37.5) Found this pretty cool and thought I would share with you all
  13. I once dropped a BJ penn action figure on Kenny Florians foot.. Thats no lie!
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