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  1. Kimbo lost to Roy, in the first round really but the ref wouldnt stop it like they normally would. So finally in the second round he steps in.. Dana makes some ******** excuse about how nelson wasnt hitting hard but Kimbo was defenseless. Now Marcus is gonna get hurt? How convenient. Dana wants Kimbo to win this tournament so bad it is ridicolous.
  2. Great reply, i sorta said the same thing below..
  3. Jardine loses to Rampage and T.Silva, both top 10 LH's Rampage loses to Griffin then beats Jardine Rashad loses to Machida after beating Chuck Shogun beats Chuck after losing to Forrest (with Coleman in the middle) Chuck loses to Jardine, Rampage, Shogun, and Rashad while beating Wand sometime in that time frame Do you see a pattern here? If all the top 10's fight each other, there must be a loser in each fight, thats why the LH's seem to be on a losing streak, because they are all capable of beating any fighter on any given night, with the exception of Machida, whom no one will beat for a while. My point is with Machida, Shogun, Rampage, Forrest, Rashad, T. Silva, Jardine, and dont forget about the other Silva, (spider), there are many #1 contenders in this division who have better resumes than Marquardt or Okami. I leave out Henderson because he deserves a title shot and is getting screwed by the UFC by them giving Vitor a shot. Make Vitor fight Nate and the winner fights the winner of Silva vs Hendo.. Wandered off for a moment to middleweight. My point is that the LH division is stacked and has way better fighters than any other.
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