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  1. why the hell is there even talk of tito getting a title shot yet? 1 win in 6 years and this guys a contender? why not go ahead and let him and chuck fight and the winner is number 1 contender? now are you starting to see how stupid it sounds to even mention tito and a title shot?
  2. Ok after watching Hamills performance against Rampage i questioned if he should even be fighting in the ufc. even in victory the guy always looks sloppy, i realize 11-3 at this point in the ufc is a great record, but if you can't beat the "elite" fighters there, whats the point. pattern of couple a wins against scrubs, step up in competition, set right back down. does anyone ever see Matt as the light heavy weight champ? I remember how much i hated Matt in the ufc house, and nothing has ever really changed. i will give him credit where credit is due, he is a decent wrestler, and he can sure take a good beating, but his wrestling against Rampage was shameful. I guess bottom line i am hating on Hamill, and i invite others to hate as well, if you don't want to hate on him feel free to hate on me, i prob have alot of other opinions you will not like as well, i am just kidding i love you all.
  3. i have no choice but to agree with Mr. Norris.
  4. irony is to much for you to handle huh?
  5. not mad, your butt hurt, just like prom night all over again.
  6. seems like i hit a nerve with this one, all of you that are so butt hurt over this thread, i am lol'ing at your expense. It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your dumb, than to open it and prove it.
  7. nice come back kid, you should try insulting his mother.
  8. lets hook em up in a Taco Bell parking lot somewhere....
  9. sorry if i hurt your feelings...
  10. 1,683 post and you still have never said anything, good job pal. :eek:
  11. Whats with all the people getting on here and pretending they are MMA fighters? Does this somehow make you feel better about yourselves? and honestly if you feel like you need to lie and claim to be a fighter just to some how make your points seem more valid... well it is just sad. i will fight anyone on here how claims to be a fighter on short notice, and i have never had a fight in my life.. i am disabled and wildly out of shape, but am completely confident in my skills over someone so pitiful they insist to lying to total strangers.. look me up and get you melon split, wannabes.
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