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  1. so is men's, then. michael chiesa. Rousey is suppose to be fighting #1 contenders. Chiesa has fought....who?
  2. Can't defend an arm bar even when you know it's coming smh...
  3. deaDBird

    Henderson cheated!

    I should really change that. Haven't been on here for a while.
  4. deaDBird

    Henderson cheated!

    Henderson cheated by having a toothpick in his mouth. Because of the toothpick he was able to out class and destroy Diaz. He is a cheater! Rematch!
  5. "I don't wanna win just to have my hand raised. I wanna hurt him" You can see the hate in Rashad's eyes. Can't wait for him to destroy Bones.
  6. I think this is the fight that will send Brock running back to the WWE. I just don't see how Brock wins this fight. Also, Cerrone will demolish Diaz.
  7. 5th rd was a 8/10
  8. Wow you all really think rd 2 was a 10-8 don't you? I've seen worst beatings that should be 10-8s than diaz v Penn ie Kampman vs Sanchez was more of a beating. You guys blinded by Rogans commentating astound me.
  9. What is going on in this forum? Are there any educated mma fans here anymore? First of all a 10-8 is rare. Edgar vs Maynard rd 1 is a good example. BJ wasnt even knocked down or dominated. He was wobbled and ate punches but that's it.
  10. 10-8? Are you blind? Sure Penn was wobbled and ate a lot of punches but....nevermind, if you really thought rd 2 was a 10-8 than I don't even want to have a discussion with you.
  11. You people let Rogans commentating blind you. Penn won the 1st, Diaz won the 2nd, the 3rd could have gone either way but Diaz had the slight edge. I'm tired of hearing that Diaz " walked through" Penn. It wasn't even a beating. It was a lot closer than most of you think.
  12. Yea Frankie is not #2...or 3 for that matter. People on hear just hang out to every word Dana says. I don't get the sudden hype Frankie is getting. Until that uppercut he didn't look impressive at all. He was almost finished in the first. Frankie has been in to many decisions that could have gone either way. Im just waiting for Bendo to beat him so he can be called #2 p4p after the fight.
  13. No the difference is GSP made BJ quit whereas Frankie simply outpointed him.
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