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  1. Kampann kept walking backwards most of the time. He was pretty much just defending the whole time.
  2. She's playing tough while her only things to do is walk around with a sign & blow kisses at a camera. At first when I've read OP's post I was like "wow that's maybe a too much" & then I watched the video & totally agreed to the HIV thing.
  3. Siver will get subbed in the 1st round, maybe faster than the Liaudin fight.
  4. AkiraMoa

    Clay Guida

    That was pretty much this
  5. http://twitter.com/#!/danawhite First his usual " " when he wants to show people that he won something & feels smart about it. And then he answers to someone who said "Fedor has Brought attention to the sport in nothing but a positive way he has been a class act his whole career." by "wtf has he done for the sport!? Ur ****in nuts" Damn I like Dana but the more he do stuff like this the more he disappoints me. Also Dana acted all like he wasn't going to watch the fights tonight, and tried to make us believe that he didn't even know who's fighting who. Jeez.
  6. No. Seriously. See what Hendo did in the first round. Silva will be able to finish Shields in the first round unlike Hendo.
  7. I've only made this thread because of the typo.
  8. Brb gonna get myself a mountatin dew.
  9. God damm seems like it's all false & there's still Rampage vs Silva
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