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  1. I'm just imagining Riddle being guided on his walkout cause he's so high he doesn't know where to go. He actually forgot he even had to fight until he's like "Holy **** Buffer just called my name." Then he's so baked out of his mind he just grabs the dude and focuses all of his super stoner ability to keep any damage from happening and then walks away with a win. In all honesty they should beg him to come back, feed him the loser of Condit/Hendricks or the winner of Ellenberger/Marquardt, then give him his opportunity to dethrone GSP. I think if he has to fight Diaz he has a good chance of losing because Diaz will probably be even higher.
  2. Lmao the fact that he can beat two professional highly trained athletes. P4P Thread indeed +1
  3. I think it's safe to say both are gotten too, but GSP is much more gotten to.
  4. I'm cheering for GSP but damn that was funny man. +1
  5. If he wins set him up for an official #1 Contender match, that seems fair to me
  6. This jumping division has started to get annoying. In a month Mighty mouse declares his will to move to light heavy weight I guess. They call them "superfights". Except they never happen...
  7. http://www.mmajunkie.com/news/2013/02/nate-marquardt-steps-in-to-meet-jake-ellenberger-at-ufc-158 As far as I remember Saffiedine beat Marquardt in their fight, with Saffiedine becoming the last Strikeforce WW Champion. UFC 158 is basically a WW card, and they needed a top replacement for Jake Ellenberger when Johnny Hendricks was moved to replace Rory McDonald. So why would they pick the loser of the Strikeforce battle instead of the winner? Ellenberger is coming off a win and is very high up in the WW rankings, top 5 in a lot of people's minds. Unless Saffiedine is injured or something I think this is a ridiculous idea. Something seems fishy...
  8. doesn't he have a pot card? Riddle says the athletics commission doesn't recognize his card and therefore he has to go without it it before the fight.
  9. I hope not. As much as I like GSP and hope/think he's going to smash Diaz, he's still an awesome and exciting fighter, who can hype up other fights easily. Depending how the WW title contenders go and how GSP/Silva goes, Diaz could work his way back up to a rematch, if GSP is still around.
  10. I don't like this as I see Condit winning, eliminating the next number 1 contender. Oh well I think it'll be a good fight anyways so I think the fans win in that aspect. War Condit!
  11. I think that Bigfoot beating Reem is good for the HW division in the long run. Bigfoot is now a solid fighter in HW, and can be matched up with just about anyone now in the future, depending on if he wins or loses. Beating Reem is a big deal, he's got 2 HW stars under his belt now. Honestly I can't give him much credit for beating Travis Browne, as the guy blow out his knee and it had nothing to do with anything Bigfoot did. Not that the results should have changed, but it really wasn't a fair fight. He can have rematches with Werdum, Browne, Reem, Cormier and Cain. All of those could and probably would be exciting. He can fight JDS, Mir, Barnett depending on how rankings are looking, or Nelson, Hunt, or Kongo if he drops in rankings a bit. Honestly I think he is no longer a fighter that can be looked over in any fight, even if he has a rematch with Cain. Reem can come back and still make exciting fights, just so long as he doesn't think he's the coolest guy in the ****ing world any more. If he respects his opponents I'd like to see a rematch with Bigfoot, and I'd still like to see the JDS fight, plus many more. We basically now have 2 elite HWs, instead of 1 elite and 1 gatekeeper type. The only negative to this is that now Cain doesn't really have anyone to fight. Although a rematch could be fair and exciting, giving him Bigfoot now would be a mistake. But I think it's worth it, as it'll work out somehow and now the HW division is a bit deeper.
  12. Being a self admitted snitch doesn't help your popularity.
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