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  1. we reproduce 2 liters of blood a day, i mean its like saying injecting water is a performance enhancing drug
  2. well im not going argue and say blood don't help you since its the most important thing in our body, but the olympics ban anything. i mean if you are correct and they are putting there own blood in them that shouldn't be called cheating or performance enhancing, but you can die from too much blood, but i guess you think machida drinking his own urine is cheating too. i know supplements that claim to increase oxygen to the blood have been proven not to increase performance
  3. that's because Sane people like myself don think of blood as a performing enhancing drug since its the most natural thing there is in the human body ok googled it and they test for Erythropoietin, and call the positive test of that blood doping
  4. I don't know if you know this there a thing called Blood Pressure, maybe your thinking of IV drips to keep athlete hydrated, but your going to need to send me a link of the the bike guy getting busted for consuming his own blood there because it sounds like B.S to me
  5. yes i was angry that the California athletic commission called high testosterone levels steroids to the media-but could of been from a legal by law testosterone supplement, i wasn't supporting sonnen--i was simply stating the facts and anger towards the stupidity,ignorance and lack of education of the Spokesman of the California Athletic Commission
  6. this aint about sonnen, this is about common sense and the truth
  7. testosterone does not increase anger or manic behavior. research conducted on men taking steroids it revealed most showed little psychological change. and that comment and your logic is probably the most idiotic thing and proof you suffer from the mental disorder i speak of
  8. if your trying to convince me that HGH will cause a man to increase muscle mass by inducing mitosis then my friend that would be the discovery of the century. i mean maybe in the sperm to egg creation of life process but its impossible in a fully grown man.
  9. High calorie diet with protein,consuming all the carbs,proteins and fats your body needs- Eat right,train right and recuperate right, is the best you can do to gain strength steroids will only help because of its anti-inflammatory properties research proving Testosterone does not increase muscle mass or strength http://archinte.highwire.org/cgi/content/full/160/20/3093
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