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  1. classless follow up punch after the kick by junior.. hunt was done how you could do that to such a nice guy in hunt blows my mind
  2. Larkin played defense the whole time, he won the 2nd round, but Carmont won the 1st and 3rd via being more aggressive yeah ok buddy. complete and utter robbery. disgusting
  3. matt brown on a card poster? is this real life?
  4. In recent days, it seems everybody hates Jon Jones. People call him a ducker, a coward, a brat, yet these recent events have turned me from a jones hater to a jones lover. The guy is confident, let's not deny that. He has finally embraced his ****iness, and let's face it, Jon Jones is a beast. People don't seem to like the fact that he doesn't speak in ebonics, coupled with the fact that he's ragdolled numerous former world champions and fan favorites. He is a stud, and I commend him for standing up to his employer. People have no right to call him a ducker, this is a guy who fought Shogun Rua on one month's notice right after a fight, whilst being on a undefeated streak, for the belt. Now that he actually has something to lose, why would he risk it all against a nobody in Chael Sonnen, somebody that would add nothing by being on his list of victims. Im ranting, but that's just my 2 cents. Sincerely, A new Jon Jones fan
  5. my moms basement with my cheetos and soda under my blankie
  6. 10 schillings says forrest will throw a flying scissor heel hook and submit tito in the 5th
  7. yes. he beat mousasi. what's your point?
  8. *Co-founder of the huntington beach bad boys*
  9. ok. but for money none of this ****gy sig bet stuff
  10. derp zuffa zombies derp. have you ever seen him fight lol
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