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  1. Are you high? It'll be a good fight first and foremost. Also he won't even come close to "raping" Rampage. SHOGUN on the other hand RAPED Machida.
  2. phatboi1987

    Fire Joe Rogan!

    This is some of the dumbest ssshhhh...tuff Ive ever read. Liddel has always been one of my favorite fighters, but it's time for him to retire and tonight proved it he barely got clipped and it knocked him out. It was one of the saddest thangs Ild ever seen before. Everyone just wants too look out for him before he becomes the MMA Ali (too far?)
  3. I dont HATE Rashad...I root for him in some fights just depends on who he's fighting. Ive been a Rampage fan for years though so if Rampage hates him then I must dislike him when theyre fighting each other lol
  4. Glad too see everyone having fun with this thread instead of trying to 1 up each other....this is what I was going for.
  5. I've thought Rashad was overrated for a long time. BUT he has excellent wrestling and his striking has improved. He really has became a top 10 LHW in th world. Rampage'll smash him though. I know Rashad's only lost to Machida but if I can remind everyone Rampage's only lost 1 fight in the UFC and that was against Griffin, and I still think the judges got that wrong but it happens (obviously). Also, Rampage combined has only lost 7 fights and that list of loses has some big names on it. I mean Wanderlei x2, Shogun, and Griffin being the biggest name's on that list. (Also includes Marvin Eastman, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Daijiro Matsui (which was a DQ I think for knees to the groin) and I mean Sakuraba was a beast in PRIDE when they fought and that was his first REAL big fight)
  6. Excellent post and question. It's a TKO but I personally think it should be a Tapout from Strikes. Just my opinion on the matter though.
  7. At 96 when they exchanged words Rashad said "I'll give you the first punch." Now I think that would be absolutely absurd and stupid but do you think Sugar's really that ****y? This is all in fun leave you're opinions, get up an VOTE! haha
  8. Okay yes Im a Rampage fan BUT I look at fights from an unbiased standng because Im a fan of the sport more. Here's why Rashad CAN'T WIN...Example PERFECT example... UFC 108...Thiago Silva vs Rashad Evans....Rashad DOMINATES the WHOLE fight using his WRESTLING...THEN decided in the 3rd and final round to stand and bang with Silva...ONE of the best strikers in the UFC...what happened? RASHAD nearly got KO. Now honestly do you think Rashad will be able to take a punch from Rampage? That post was pure comedy. NOW RASHAD COULD WIN...if he can out wrestle and keep position on Rampage and not stand and bang with him. That's the only way he can beat Rampage, that or a LUCKY punch. Rampage won't gas out (well Idon't think so anyways but it is possible) if Rashad stands and bang with Rampage he'll need his snuggie back.
  9. Need too see him fight some more first. Wandy just doesn't look the same as he used too, but he's only fought once at MW so time will tell. He's win's a few more fight's and does so convincingly Isay yes.
  10. ...even after getting jumped the man stayed classy...with that being said I remember a few years ago there was this fighter by the name of...um...oh it's coming back now Georges Rush St Pierre, who stepped into the cage after Matt Hughes had won a fight and told him "I am not impressed by you're performance" etc all Miller did was ask about a rematch and he's got no respect? But GSP can tell someone he's not impressed by their performance and he's respectful? Okay that makes no sense too me but maybe I'm crazier than I thought
  11. I've been saying this since his first UFC fight. I didn't think he was ready for a title shot then, but now I completely agree with him fighting the winner of Carwin vs Lesnar. I still would like too see him take on someone with submission skills (without knocking them out before it goes too the ground)
  12. Just curious. Personally I think Pearson looks like he will have a great career. Daley is just explosive with his punches. I think Bisping is a lil overrated. Hardy had his chance and probably won't for a few more years if this lose doesn't break his psyche. And yeah I know there's a few more Brits, but too me these 4 are the biggest names in the UFC right now. I think Daley has the best chance though just because he has that 1 punch lights out power. (Also forgive me for anyone who I may have forgotten that you think has a better chance)
  13. phatboi1987

    Fanboy Loyalty?

    I dislike GSP too be honest. I didn't like Hardy til after the fight. Thought GSP would win, which he did but rooted for Hardy even though I didn't like him at the time. Now with this being said, I did like GSP when his career first started and then somewhere down the road just don't like him anymore lol
  14. I'm a fan of both fighters. BUT I'm going with Cain. I believe that since his fight with Kongo (which if you didn't see showed A LOT of weakness in his stand up, and yeah he knocked out Big Nog but I believe Carwin too have WAY better stand up than Nog) he has probably worked very hard on it and just believe that for some reason he could beat him if it happens. By using his wrestling and gnp Also, I believe Carwin can KO Lesnar. Weird right? Sometimes my mind shocks itself.
  15. I've never been a Hardy fan. I don't know why exactly but just never have been. Just one of them fighters I wasn't a fan of for some reason. Then in I think Issue #1 maybe 2 but pretty sure it was 1 I read an article about Hardy that kind of made me like him more. With this being said I will admit I am now a Hardy fan. Yes he lost. Yes he got beat down all 5 rounds, but when he didn't tap too that arm bar I gained respect and then when he didn't tap from that kimura, he gained my respect and will now say, I am a Dan Hardy fan.
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