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  1. go to a coffee shop or bookstore and hit on every single chick that is ****able. try different approaches and see if you can find a little piece of *** for to waste some time with. Just be clear about your intentions (that you are looking to ****) and you will find a like minded individual
  2. while i agree that this attack would be considered terrorism in a modern context it could be seen as just upping the ante in business as usual back in the day. Since the inception of NATO and then UN we have essentially created a world government and this kind of indiscriminate killing is unacceptable
  3. in time absolutely. as education improves and lay people stop doing rain dances and learn about how the world really works.
  4. prolly slap her then **** her hard while telling her she was a filthy *****
  5. are you going to work for the CIA? who does a follicle hair test? its terribly expensive. most places dont even do a urine test anymore. saliva is the new standard and its not able to detect drugs beyond 72 hours or so.
  6. congrats for being a terrible story teller. i dont believe a word. also if you had done any of that you'd be an *******. you cant just go about beating people up for bumping into you or spitting on the ground. you also could be tried for attempted murder for choking someone. congrats on being a ****ing punk internet warrior
  7. theres a female cop at my work. she is a cop full time and works part time as a rec therapist at my job. shes really cool and i flirt with her all the time. i wouldn't be emasculated by her or anyone else because my identity isn't based on others. too bad shes married but it doesnt stop me from letting her know im interested.
  8. thinking about how i love to rail these two freaks i know, but i wish i could get them together and **** them both like the filthy ****** they know they are. oh well i just got this chicks number today. she just had a kid 6 mos ago and she lives with the daddy. what a delicious ****.
  9. actually the major difference was the horse. sub saharan africans didnt have horses. native americans didn't have horses. aboriginal australians didn't have horses. the horse came from asia and easily moved into europe. it could support a rider which enable fast transport of people and goods. in the americas they didn't have any animals they could ride until the conquistadors brought them.
  10. it always astonishes me when men call women skanks. its a sign of a man who harbors a grudge against women. i like skanks. why would i wanna wait weeks or months to **** someone im prolly not going to marry? i see a woman i like, i introduce myself and make my intentions clear. she responds in three ways. No, Yes, and Not right away. I don't care about no's, i **** yes's and laters i just take as the come, which is just a matter time and sharing my personality with them.
  11. i like her body, her voice and her music. i would **** her stupid. her hair is whatever. also why all the hate. i dont understand why ppl spend their time and energy hating. i think its not actually hate but envy or desire even.
  12. talkative friendly assertive freaky intelligent argumentative smooth risk taker care free arrogant sexy
  13. 2-5 hours during the week. on the weekends is usually more (8-12) but sometimes none at all.
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