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  1. lmao, end of thread. These newbies now a days think they know everything.
  2. I dont think thats the reason. There is plenty of other challenges in the M.W div. Then maia. Maia B.J.J is top notch. But anything can happen on the ground. Shields aint no joke either. As for Mayhem looking at his last fight. If he fights like that against Dolloway. Dolloway will destroy him.
  3. I have GSP winning with the usual relentless take downs and top control. Thats his bread and butter.
  4. He sure will. But i really doubt it. I see a brutal K.O. A.Silva making his point.
  5. Im going to come back to this post and laugh at you when Overeem KTFO Cigano.
  6. I dont know about all that. I been watching Diaz since back in the early UFC days. He is a great fighter that has evolved no doubt. But Kampman has proved himself in there as well. Diaz should fight the winner of Kampman and Elienberger. My point they should give Condit that title shot
  7. wickedvvayz

    GSP Vs Condit???

    Question? & My opionion. I read up on a site that Condit excepted Nick Diaz rematch. Anyone hear anything about that?. My opinion its obvious GSP wants Diaz and that the wrong person won. Its a total shame to treat Condit like that. Even though he didnt dominate Diaz. But had a smart game plan that obvious if you watch the match pulled out the "W". If anything they should have GSP vs Condit & Diaz vs Kampman. Those would be excellent matches to setup. Both in one night.
  8. My Advice? Its a question not my advice on the links i stated above.
  9. Google or Youtube Gangstalkers. You would be surprised. Either there are alot of Skitzo mofos out there or its real, haha. I dont know. These days it wouldnt surprise me. But for what reason and targets i have no idea why, anyone would waste there time doing any of this what the links i posted up say. Like a puppet to what authority.
  10. Reality or Paranoia? Groups of cars and trucks with there head lights on during the day time. Secert societys trying to turn people crazy, insane or ruin them into homeless status or diagnose them Schizophrenia or electo torture techniques and street shows etc. Are these groups Anti.Gov Militia groups, hate groups. The Gov funds these groups and the media wont talk about it. Please read and let me know what you think? http://www.whosarat.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=761809 http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Being-Gang-Stalked/1855515 http://avnewstalk.com/Gang-Stalking.html
  11. My bad didnt do a grammer check. Is this real or just a sort of form of paranoia?
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